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Ready to boost your online presence and credibility?

White Pages is a registry of professionals within the spiritual-wellness, personal development, and healing space hosted by Kind Publishing Co.

Complete the fields below as you would like them displayed in White Pages.

We'll use your answers to build your listing in White Pages. Be sure to check over spelling and accuracy before submitting.


$50.00 annually to register in one specialty.

That breaks down to roughly $4 month.

For each additional specialty you'd like to be listed under, $5.00 will be added to your invoice. After registering, you’ll be contacted via email by the KPco team with contracted terms and an invoice for your annual listing in White Pages (notification will not be immediate).

Select to register in ONE specialty for $50 annually. For each additional specialty we'll add $5 to your investment.

Thanks for enrolling. You'll receive a confirmation email and invoice from our team once they've had a chance to review.

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