Women And Abundance As Told For Centuries Past

I read something today in a book about abundance that said women often feel discontent because they want to have it all. They want too much.

It went on to say that women need to be okay with having only what we need and not everything we want. While I believe whole-heartedly that we should be thankful and content for everything we have, I do have a problem with implicating that we, as women, desire too much and should not have lofty desires in the first place.

For centuries women have been told what they can and cannot have. They have been told to be meek and safe in their pursuits. To be cautionary in their adventures in fear of making the wrong step, of upsetting the wrong person. It is something so ingrained into our being, playing it safe, holding ourselves back has become a norm that has passed down from generation to generation.

By believing that you cannot have everything you desire, you are, in turn, telling the universe that you don’t deserve everything you desire — so it will never come to you. Life is about cultivating an experience that we love and find joy in, so why would you tell yourself that you can’t have, don’t deserve, the things that will bring in those very feelings?

You can have everything you want. It isn’t a matter of worthiness. It’s a matter of what you are willing to do in order to get what you want.

Several years ago I was deep within an autoimmune flare. I was searching for a diagnosis for months and was in an immeasurable amount of pain every day. If I undertook this belief described in this book, I could not have achieved everything I wanted — health would not be an option for me. I would have settled into the sickness, claiming it as my own, resigning in my pain and grief over my seemingly broken body. However, I refused that outcome. I worked tirelessly to find answers. To find providers who could actually help me and believed that I truly was sick. It wasn’t fast coming and it certainly wasn’t easy, but I finally did achieve the health I was looking for.

The only reason that was able to occur was because I believed (even without proof) that it was available to me. If you are willing to do the work, to do whatever needs to be done to set the course for what you want, you can have anything you want. The world is yours. It is there waiting for you to take it.

Should you grasp, white knuckled, for your desires? No.

Should you be desperate and impatient for what you want? Absolutely not.

But you need to dream. You need to daydream and visualize and conceptualize what it is you actually want in this life. Call it in and believe that it is obtainable. Go after what you want and believe that you can have it — then plant the seeds. Set the goals and actions to make it happen. It is yours.


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