Why You Should Ditch Bleach

Your shower area is smelling a little musty and you think you might have a little mold on the tile and grout. What do you do? The first thing most people think about doing is grabbing the bleach and dousing the shower to get it clean.

I’m here to tell you “STOP RIGHT THERE!” Put down the bleach—actually get rid of that bottle of bleach all together—because there are much safer alternatives that clean and disinfect just as well.

BLEACH DOES NOT KILL MOLD. That’s right. This is outdated information and bleach does not actually kill mold.

My own family members told me to use bleach when I found mold in my own home. I can’t blame them for not knowing, as it was once a recommendation from OSHA and the EPA. It’s hard for people to keep up with all of the changes and new science that comes out. Agencies like the EPA were only telling us the best thing that they knew at the time, but we know better now. So let’s discuss.

Reasons Why Bleach is Not an Acceptable Treatment for Mold

  1. The mold senses the pH of the bleach and starts to release spores in hopes to find a new place to live.

  2. Bleach will only kill the mold on the surface of non-porous surfaces. It will not kill mold on anything porous, and can penetrate the porous surface making it an even more ideal, wet climate for the mold to thrive.

  3. Bleach is a dangerous chemical and should be avoided if possible. It can cause respiratory issues which only make health symptoms, caused by mold, worse.

  4. Spraying bleach on any porous surface will penetrate the surface and the surface will slowly release the emissions back into the air in which you breathe.

Safer Alternatives to Bleach

  1. Force of Nature Clean is a non-toxic bleach alternative

Beware of any mold inspector using bleach containing solutions. The object of mold remediation is to get the roots (mycelia) and stop the problem. Mold is a huge issue and should really be handled by a professional. The extent of mold illness can be devastating and take years to overcome. When searching for a professional, make sure you find someone who understands this. The mold industry can be slimy, because of how much misinformation is out there. Be an informed consumer. Understanding this information will keep your and your family safe!


This article was written and contributed by:

Ashley Spanovich

CEO, Owner, Lead Designer at Awakening Spaces

awakeningspaces.com \ @awakeningspaces

Ashley, the founder of Awakening Spaces, supports environmentally susceptible and health-conscious individuals in creating safe, healthy, and beautiful environments. As a licensed Interior Designer, she combines her expertise of the construction industry with her knowledge of health and wellbeing to support and empower you along your own journey in creating a healing environment. Ashley is currently pursuing a triple certification in Building Biology and will soon be certified to assess your home for mold, electro-magnetic radiation, and other harmful environmental toxins. Awakening Spaces offers both Full Service Interior Design as well as Environmental Health Coaching services for those looking to improve the health of their home. Ashley finds inspiration in her work through nature and is most grounded when spending time outdoors and exploring new places.


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