The Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit Connection

The Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit Connection: What does it really mean? What makes up who we are and our whole Self? If you’ve landed here, with an interest in holistic approaches to healing, I am sure you’ve heard of the mind-body connection. We know we have different parts of ourselves, but how are they connected and how do they work?

Think of yourself as a circle with four parts. These four parts are the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit—or your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. When they are optimally connected and aligned, they are working together for you and your highest good. When one part of the whole is out of alignment, the other parts become unbalanced. By taking care of all parts of yourself, they stay connected, balanced, at their optimal frequency.

The Mind

The mind is our intellect, our thought processor, the mental aspect of ourselves. The mind is consciousness and subconsciousness. It processes and stores thoughts, feelings, ideas, incoming signals, memories, and emotions. The mind leads us, but should not be our only authority and ruler.

The Body

The body is your physical self. The vessel that carries you through everyday, allows you to breathe, eat, sleep, and live. The body is made up of cells that communicate, interact, and assemble to create our tissues, nerves, bones, and organs which allow us to not just survive, but thrive.

The Soul

The Soul is your emotional self, your younger self, your inner being. The soul allows you to tap into all that you are, all that you feel, express and have within you. Emotion is energy in emotion. Connecting to this energy allows you to flow.

The Spirit

The Spirit is your highest self, your authentic self, your true essence. Your spirit is everything that you already are, and everything you’ve always been. It is everything you have within you and allows you to tap into everything outside of yourself. It deepens your connection to the spiritual world and universe around you.

All parts of your whole self speak to you in different ways. When you quiet your mind, your intuition will speak. When you connect to your body, you begin to listen and hear it’s whispers. As you tap into your soul and what you’re feeling by allowing it to be expressed, strong emotions can be understood, then dissipate, rather than weighing you down. By connecting deeper to these three parts of yourself, you open up everything you have within; your Spirit. Then you’re able to hear messages from your highest, most authentic self. It’s a continuous circle of bridging the connection between all four parts of the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

There are incredible holistic practices and tools to deepen your connection to your mind, body, soul, and spirit:

  • Guided Visualizations

  • Coaching

  • Hypnosis

  • Reiki Healing

  • EFT Tapping

  • Affirmations

  • Body Scan Meditations

By viewing yourself as one whole with these four parts, you will maximize your potential and healing.

A few ways to begin to understand if you feel alignment within your whole self. Allow these to be a guide for when you feel off balance, and where you can start to tap back into yourself.

  • Awareness of body’s signs

  • Recognition of feelings and emotions in the soul

  • Cognizant of intuitive messages

  • Trust in the unknown and future

  • A connection to a higher self

When you become aware of the wisdom your mind, body, soul and spirit is giving you, you are able to deepen your connection to yourself and the four parts that make up who you are. When you are connected to yourself, you become one embodied self.


This piece was written and contributed by:

Alexa Sharwell

Spiritual Healer

Alexa is a Spiritual Healer and Coach. As a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Alexa will help you embrace your personal power, all while healing your mind, body, soul, and spirit from a distance. After facing a profound loss and battling with grief, Alexa was left questioning what her personal path was meant to be. While trying other various healing modalities, Alexa found Your Inner Babe, where she was able to tap into her most authentic self, find freedom from depression, and the sense of oneness she’d been longing for. Within that freedom and connection, she discovered her purpose had been her pain all along. Alexa was meant to be a healer. Her training, practices, and experiences create a safe space for you to dive deep and truly heal from the inside out.

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