Sacred Witnessing with The High Priestess in Tarot

There is quite a bit of psychological, metaphysical, magickal, and medicinal wisdom we can gain from using tarot cards. Let’s explore The High Priestess, The Magician's divine partner from tarot’s Major Arcana. Let your eyes wander and explore the delicious imagery surrounding this archetypal figure. What impressions do you receive as you gaze upon her? What comes to mind, heart and spirit? Take a moment and see what comes to you.

The High Priestess sits patiently before an opening between two pillars. She represents the threshold between matter and mystery as she neutrally awaits your readiness to be still and listen beyond what you’re used to hearing and see beyond what you’re familiar with seeing. She whispers to us all to listen to our intuition and to deepen our dialogue with our spirits.

The Veil of Pomegranates

Behind The High Priestess is a thin veil of pomegranates. Since the fruit is considered to be an offering of life to the dead, it bridges the dual aspect of such light and shadow, and life and death, which offer other mysteries that can be explored in these realms.

The Black & White Pillars

On either side of The High Priestess are two pillars—one black and one white. The neutral colors both symbolize duality once again. Light and shadow, life and death, masculine and feminine. That right there is an invitation to look at both sides to ourselves, to situations, to a problem (in order to find its solution), and so on. That there is truth to be found if we are ready to get quiet and listen for it.

Digging deeper, each pillar has a letter on it. B and J. The B stands for Boaz, meaning “in his strength.” The J stands for Jachin, meaning “he will establish.” Strength of mind and openness to the duality of life are required to obtain true knowledge and turn it into wisdom. Everything hangs in this divine balance and when we can accept where we are in the balance we can find peace.

Her Lunar Crown

The High Priestess can be seen wearing a crown that appears to look like the triple moon symbol. A waxing, full, and waning moon resting on top of her head really marks the cycles and seasons we go through in consciousness. Not only that, but this reminds us of the power of free thinking and the ability to change our mind anytime; to not remain rigid or fixed or tethered to ideas and beliefs that no longer work. The High Priestess asks us to meditate, to be still, and listen so that we may learn what it is that will remain and what it is that will cycle out.

The Cross upon Her Breast

There is a white cross that lays upon the breast of The High Priestess. The cross originally symbolized the four directions of north, east, south, and west. Each direction symbolizes a pathway. The High Priestess is not here to judge which road you take, but she does ask that you do so consciously. To take a moment and breathe. Listen with your heart before taking another step. It’s not a coincidence that this compass or cross symbol would be located at her heart space. When you listen and be still, your heart will guide you in the right direction.

The Scroll in Her Hands

The scroll in the hands of our High Priestess reads, TORA, symbolizing the Greater Law (universal laws, spiritual laws, and so on). Notice that it is partially visible and partially hidden. That is because she asks that we pause first before entering the realm of greater knowledge. This knowledge can only be made visible to you when you’re willing to look beyond what you know and are familiar with. When you can transcend the material realm, you will be ready to learn more. Be patient, your time will come.

The Crescent Moon at Her Feet

The crescent moon represents a time when things are either very new or when things are about to end. Either way, a letting go and clearing needs to occur in order for new information to be interpreted as well as integrated. What are you willing to let go of in order to gain new knowledge? What are the challenges that lie before you as you enter this new territory? Be still with it all and accept it for what it is and what it means for you.

Blue, White, and Yellow

There is an abundance of blue and white here (connecting to the divine feminine, the subconscious, and the realm of emotions) with the veil in back being heavily golden yellow (illumination, inspiration & wisdom). The colors used here invite us to explore the medicine of surrender, intuitive listening, and witnessing with openness. By doing so we allow illumination and awareness to brighten as well as deepen.

Number 2

Number two symbolizes relationships, balance, reflection, patience, and decision making.

Planetary Correspondence

The High Priestess is connected to the moon—symbolic of constant change, passing, and returning.

The High Priestesses Magick and Medicine

She is a mother, sister, friend, and lover. She is maiden, matron, and crone. She ebbs and flows as the tides do in harmony with the lunar cycles. She is intuition and insight, held with quiet strength and unending patience. She is also a doorway into knowledge and wisdom, if you are willing to truly learn, that is. What does she teach you?

Working with The High Priestess

Contemplative Questions from The High Priestess:

  1. Why are you afraid of change? How would you benefit greatly from loosening your grip of control?

  2. When did you stop listening to your intuition? How would you benefit greatly from being still and listening again?

Meditate with The High Priestess

Sit, stand, or lie down (whichever feels most comfortable for you) and light a blue or white candle. Gaze upon the imagery of The High Priestess for about five minutes (you can go longer if you desire). Then reach out to The High Priestess, with the answers to your contemplative questions in mind. Reach out to her with your head and your heart. Ask how she can help you loosen your grip of control and your fear of change. Ask her to show you when you stopped believing yourself and how you can start trusting your intuition again. Be still. Be quiet. Be open to receiving any wisdom The High Priestess has to offer you on your journey. Thank her and take these precious keys with you as you open new doors and travel new paths.

I am so excited to see what journey The High Priestess takes you on for this cycle! If you have questions, comments or need any support during this time, feel free to email me at If you’d like a personalized tarot reading, feel free to email me to book your session. I am available Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm Eastern Time! If you’d like to take my Practical Tarot self paced course, click here to grab more information!


This piece was written and contributed by:

Jennifer Pennington PhD.

Holy Shift! Tarot

Jennifer Pennington is a registered Minister, Metaphysician & Holistic Educator in the state of Pennsylvania. She has traveled all throughout the tri-state area and wherever else the divine Mother & Father have guided her so she can share her love of EveryBody Wellness Practices.

In her free time she enjoys visiting her local bookstore, farmers markets, thrift shopping, cuddling her kitties and watching supernatural horror movies with her husband, Brian.

Website \ Facebook: /jpiszenaf


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