Rediscovering Sensuality with The Empress in Tarot

There is quite a bit of psychological, metaphysical, magickal, and medicinal wisdom we can gain from using tarot cards. Let’s study The Empress in the Major Arcana. Let your eyes wander and explore the peaceful imagery surrounding this archetypal figure. What impressions do you receive as you gaze upon her? What comes to mind, heart, and spirit? Take a moment and see what comes to you.

The Empress rests peacefully upon her throne and surrounded by nature. She comes right after The High Priestess (who rests in the upper realms of consciousness) to really ground us back down into our bodies and into this physical plane. She encourages us to enjoy the abundant delights and delicacies of being a part of this world and also reintroduces us to our sensual nature. Many of us are attempting to escape the physical experiences of life in one way or another or feel completely detached and disconnected from our physical existence. But what if we got back in touch with that? What if we felt pleasure again? What if we resensitized ourselves to the human experience and delighted in its many layers and lessons it has to show us? Oftentimes we feel disheartened by our human experience and as a result, we are not taking care of the physical vessel we’ve been gifted with. The Empress comes forth to teach us how to get back into our bodies and consciously tend to this earthly realm within and outside us so we can enjoy it all while we’re still here!

Her Crown of 12 Stars

The Empress can be seen visibly wearing a crown of 12 stars. Each star represents each month of the year and the many cycles and seasons we grow through. She shows us that no matter what we grow through—we can GLOW through it. She asks us to wear the cycles of our experiences like a crown on our head and own the wisdom we’ve earned living here!

Nature is Her Queendom

The Empress sits on a throne in the outdoors. She is not your typical royal being—she is in charge of her domain, which is nature itself. Nature is abundant, cyclical, plentiful, and sensual. Nature changes and so does The Empress. Nature feels and so does The Empress. Nature is free and wild and at peace with its many cycles and seasons, and so is The Empress. She invites us also to embrace and love our nature, the dark and light of it all. Nature is also where we can always return to so we may ground, center, and remember how abundantly blessed we are. The Empress asks you to take a deep breath and celebrate the richness of life, the goodness of it all.

Her Gown of Berries

It can appear a little difficult to see, but on her gown there seems to be strawberries or berries of some kind. Berries are rich with not only juicy good flavor, but beneficial nutrients. The Empress asks that we dig into the juiciness of life itself, explore our senses, explore what life has to offer, take a bite out of it, and gain the rich, nutritious wisdom in return. We cannot gain anything by staying inside and being afraid…we can only do so by getting back out there into the world and living. This can also be a message for you to explore your own juicy goodness; the rich and flavorful wonders of being a sensual being with so much to offer. Delight in yourself and all that you are! Wear it proudly!

The Heart of Venus at Her Feet

At the feet of The Empress sits a stone heart with the symbol of Venus inside it. A solid foundation of love is built within The Empress. Her love is unwavering and stable, like a Mother’s love.

Gold, Red & White

We see a lot of gold, red, and white in this card. Gold represents abundance and supreme transformation. Red is active and primal energy and also represents the Mother in the divine feminine triplicity. White symbolizes purification, simplicity, and peace. It also represents the Maiden in the divine feminine triplicity. So these colors can be used to help you transform from one level of your nature to the next, to nurture your nature, therefore allowing a divine upgrade and necessary (healthy) changes to occur.

Number 3

Number 3 symbolizes the holy trinity, hope, creativity, communication, and manifestation

Planetary Correspondence

The Empress is connected to the planet Venus, planet of love, beauty, self care, attraction, and sexuality.

The Empress’ Magick & Medicine

The Empress asks us to rediscover our sensuality in this earthly realm. To resensitize ourselves and partake in the deliciousness of this human experience. When we can be fully present, fully here, engaged and in love with the now— - we can also receive blissful blessings! We cannot really truly enjoy anything if we’re not “here” to see, feel, smell, taste, and touch it!

Working with The Empress

Contemplative Questions from The Empress

1. What really turns you on in all 4 bodies? What delights your senses?

2. When was the last time you truly enjoyed anything? What were you doing?

3. Where can you nurture yourself more this month? How would that shift things for the better if you did?

Meditate with The Empress

Sit, stand, or lie down (whichever feels most comfortable for you), and light a white or green candle. Gaze upon the imagery of The Empress for about five minutes (you can go longer if you desire). See her sitting on her throne surrounded by nature. What element of nature does she bring you to? Where do you feel this in your body? Sit with The Empress in nature for as long as you need to, with your contemplative questions and answers in mind. Bring them to her and ask for any guidance she may have to offer you. What do you most admire about this archetype? How does she advise that you embody these traits in your own natural way? You may rest with The Empress for as long as you like. When you feel ready, count backwards from 10, take a nice deep breath and open your eyes.

I am so excited to see what journey The Empress takes you on for this cycle! If you have questions, comments or need any support during this time, feel free to email me at If you’d like a personalized tarot reading, feel free to email me to book your session. I am available Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm Eastern Time! If you’d like to take my Practical Tarot Class (self paced or face to face) you may also email me if you have any questions. I’ve changed platforms and am now on Facebook if you’d like to add me on there!


This piece was written and contributed by:

Jennifer Pennington PhD.

Holy Shift! Tarot

Jennifer Pennington is a registered Minister, Metaphysician & Holistic Educator in the state of Pennsylvania. She has traveled all throughout the tri-state area and wherever else the divine Mother & Father have guided her so she can share her love of EveryBody Wellness Practices.

In her free time she enjoys visiting her local bookstore, farmers markets, thrift shopping, cuddling her kitties and watching supernatural horror movies with her husband, Brian.

Website \ Facebook: /jpiszenaf


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