Recipe For Iced Coffee At Home

I love iced coffee just as well as any other girl, but I don’t always love what it does to my budget. I spent all four of my college years working for Starbucks, so I’ve had lots of time to be spoiled with unlimited delicious coffee. Now, for budget, convenience, and dietary reasons, I usually stick to home recipes.

When I’m craving a cool afternoon pick-me-up my go-to drink is iced coffee. Here is my 6-step recipe for the perfect cup of iced coffee at home.


  • 4 Tbsp. coarse ground coffee beans in desired roast (I use decaf)

  • french press

  • water

  • ice


My general rule of thumb for iced coffee is double the coffee, double the time—meaning, compared to your traditional (hot) coffee brewing method, you’ll need double the amount of coffee grounds brewed for double the amount of time.

I’m using an 10 oz. individual sized french press, but you can use whatever size you have on hand (just be sure to adjust the coffee ground amount accordingly).

  1. Place 4 Tbsp of coffee grounds in the french press

  2. Fill french press with boiling water

  3. With the lid on the french press (keep the plunger up), let the coffee grounds steep for 10 minutes

  4. Slowly push the plunger down

  5. Fill your desired drinking glass to the top with ice (I’m using a 16 oz. glass for 10 oz. of coffee)

  6. Pour coffee over the ice — enjoy!

I always drink my coffee black, but you can add cream if you desire.

Comment below once you try to let us know how you liked it!


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