Protecting & Clearing Your Energy

I was a sensitive girl growing up. Easily affected by the energy of others, my energy often shifted quickly. As I eased (or was catapulted?!) into adulthood, I couldn’t quite grasp why my energy would shift in what felt like an instant. With my energy changing in ways I didn’t understand, my emotions seemed to be up and down as well.

It wasn’t until my 20s that I began to understand energy was more than just how much sleep I got a night or the food I fueled my body with. My energy was impacted depending on how I took care of myself, of course, but the people I surrounded myself with also played a huge role. The way I spent my time was drastically affecting how I felt. It became clear I needed to set boundaries and learn how to protect my energy.

With this realization I began to honor my energy. By honoring my energy, my body, and mind started to feel a bit more at ease. I developed practices and rituals that allowed me to protect and clear my energy. Protecting my energy allowed me to stay connected to myself. Clearing my energy opens the space to come back home to myself when I feel out of alignment or need to reconnect.

Try These Practices When You Need an Energy Reset

  1. Connect Sit on the floor or ground, connecting your sit bones to the surface beneath you. Feel your root chakra connect to the earth below you. Connect back to your center.

  2. Ground Stand or sit on the floor or ground outside, barefoot. Feel your foot burrow into the surface beneath you, connecting to the earth and absorbing its energy. Allow your body to give the energy you no longer desire back to the earth.

  3. Cleanse Cleanse your body with a shower or a bath. Watch the water wash away all that is no longer yours. See all the excess energy escape as it goes down the drain.

  4. Crystals Protect and clear the space with crystals. Protect with crystals such as black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, hematite. Clear your space and energy with selenite, fluorite, clear quartz, smoky quartz.

  5. Visualize Visualize a protection bubble. Imagine a white light of energy surrounding your aura that protects your energy. Anything you do not desire bounces right off and doesn't enter your energetic field.

  6. Clear Clear your space and your body with smoke cleansing. Clear with ethically sourced palo santo, incense, candles, lavender, sage, cedarwood, juniper. Find the type of smoke cleansing that you are drawn to. Cleanse with an open window or door to let the energy leave the space!

  7. Move Get out of your mind and into your body. Practice intuitive movement and clear the stagnant energy by going for a walk, shaking it off, moving the energy up and through you.

  8. Feel Feel the emotions coming up. Emotions are energy in motion. Allow yourself to feel whatever is present. Write it out to get it out of your mind and onto the paper and let it go.

  9. Space Move to a new space and change the scenery. Change the room you are in, get out of the house, go outside and get some fresh air.

These are just some of the simple and quick practices you can tap into to protect and clear your energy. Utilize these when you are holding space for others, when you get back from a big gathering, after you’ve had a long week, or just need some space just for you.

Honoring one’s energy looks different for everyone. Finding what works best for you can take time, so see what feels best as you try these different practices and rituals and lean in.


This piece was written and contributed by:

Alexa Sharwell

Spiritual Healer

Alexa is a Spiritual Healer and Coach. As a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Alexa will help you embrace your personal power, all while healing your mind, body, soul, and spirit from a distance. After facing a profound loss and battling with grief, Alexa was left questioning what her personal path was meant to be. While trying other various healing modalities, Alexa found Your Inner Babe, where she was able to tap into her most authentic self, find freedom from depression, and the sense of oneness she’d been longing for. Within that freedom and connection, she discovered her purpose had been her pain all along. Alexa was meant to be a healer. Her training, practices, and experiences create a safe space for you to dive deep and truly heal from the inside out.

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