Our Thoughts Create Our Reality…Even in Business

As an entrepreneur, it can often feel scary to step out into the Wild West that is building a business. For hundreds of years, society has been structured in such a way that certain people and ideas will automatically be set up for more success than others. Since starting my own business, I have too often noticed that the people I work with come to me with all sorts of limiting beliefs about their ability to grow their business with ease and clarity.

When I chat with new clients about why they want to work with me, inevitably one of the following beliefs will surface:

"I'm not good at [insert skill set]."⁠

"I hate social media. It's so draining."⁠

"I'm scared to create [insert specific project], I have no idea where to start."⁠

And while I understand that business strategies like building a social media campaign can feel extremely overwhelming, especially as a new business owner, it’s important to understand that our thoughts create our reality. If you describe your relationship with marketing and sales as “complicated”, it’s going to continue to manifest that way.

So, then, what can you do when these thoughts appear? In the same way that you reframe your limiting beliefs about yourself, you can reframe the limiting beliefs you hold about your success as a business owner. Because, whether you want to believe it or not, marketing and sales strategies are skills that can be learned by anyone.

Many of my clients are creative artists and spiritual or holistic entrepreneurs. They come to me equating things like sales calls or social media with words like “icky,” “gross,” or “deceptive.” Yes, that used car salesman definitely gives the word “sales” a bad rap, but that doesn’t mean you should throw the baby out with the bathwater.

For too long, people who dare to push outside the limits of what society deems as an acceptable career path have been shamed into thinking their business models “won’t be successful.” These deeply ingrained societal norms keep many of us playing for pennies and force us back into the tiny boxes we want so desperately to escape.

My philosophy is simple: Learning these strategies will help you use them to kick the old systems in the pants.

Learn how to structure a kick-butt sales call, and then use those strategies to change lives with your services. Learn how to talk about yourself on social media so that you gain the visibility you deserve (after all, your work is needed in this new reality). Learn how to build a beautiful, functional website so more and more people are attracted to you and willing to partake in what you have to offer them.

The time for playing small has ended, my friend. It is no longer enough to just be able to pay your bills each month. You deserve to live a comfortable life -- own it! After all, when our most basic needs are met, we are then able to meet the needs of others (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).

So, then, what type of reality do you want to manifest? Pay attention to how you're speaking to yourself. Consider reframing these limiting beliefs:⁠

"I'm not good at [insert skill set]."⁠ turns into "[Insert skill set] makes me uncomfortable, but I know I can do hard things."⁠

"I hate social media. It's so draining."⁠ turns into "Social media can be draining. That's why I'm setting boundaries for myself around using it."⁠

"I'm scared to create [insert specific project], I have no idea where to start."⁠ turns into "I don't know how to create [insert specific project]. Maybe I should find someone who can help me."⁠

I encourage you to try reframing these beliefs over the next few days, in the same way that you journal and practice mindfulness in your everyday life. We need you and your unique gifts in this new reality we are manifesting…are you ready to step into your calling?


This piece was written and contributed by:

Meaghan Dunham

Marketing Coach

Meaghan is a Marketing Coach, currently living in Charlotte, NC. With a background in teaching and over 5 years of experience in corporate marketing, she decided to use her skills to develop marketing materials and resources that new business owners could ACTUALLY use. Her attention to detail and crazy work ethic help her transform not only the success of a business, but the mindset of the person running that business. She’ll be your biggest cheerleader, your accountability coach, and your business strategist.

www.meaghanmdunham.com | @meaghan.m.dunham



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