Our Founder Alyssa's Year In Review \ 2021

Where do I start? It feels like everything happened this year at both a snail’s pace and at warp-speed. When I think back on 2021, I honestly feel incredibly overwhelmed. I feel pride in myself, yes, but the events that ultimately brought on that emotion (pride) are still fresh and overwhelming to me. There was a lot that happened…each day, each battle, each moment felt significant to my growth, albeit overwhelming. And while I had my fair share of difficulties, I am incredibly thankful.

2021 didn’t change me. It brought more of me forward. It peeled back layers of myself I was too scared to show others…and layers that I only just discovered myself. At the start of the year, I chose “transformation” to be my theme. And, man, did I get what I asked for.

Over the past year, you’ve seen how Kind Publishing Co. has grown and evolved, but that’s not the only thing I was working on for the bulk of the year. There were many other things I was working on and working through behind-the scenes.

  1. I learned how to take “neediness” out of manifestation (this took me most of the year to figure out).

  2. I stood firm (like really firm) in my boundaries with a person in power who clearly did not respect them (or me).

  3. Participated in a small group mentorship led by Holly Laurel to help me find and live in my personal power—which was a journey that 100% aligned me more fully with my purpose and myself.

  4. Existed (and survived) in an incredibly toxic work environment that felt like it took every ounce of my energy—and learned that I am number one, no matter the situation. That my ideas, my work, my voice holds value and deserves to be seen as such.

  5. Freed myself from said work environment and could immediately feel healing in all my parallel lifetimes.

  6. Expanded and grew my Clair senses and my trust in my intuitive and healing abilities.

  7. Trained and was certified in becoming a Holy Fire® Reiki Master!

  8. Started working more closely and communicating with my spirit team—guides, angels, and deities.

  9. Healed and rewired many of my beliefs around money, which included lots of generational trauma surrounding scarcity and “hard work.”

  10. Learned how to eat and nourish my body on the Bean Protocol, while majorly eliminating toxins.

  11. Learned that even though I love what I do, I still need to set aside time to rest —and I definitely need to rest more.

After all that, I’m not going to sugar-coat it—I . Am. Tired.

Would I change anything? No. Because I recognize how essential each and every struggle, tear, scream (and, yes, every achievement and win too) brought me to where I am today. I preach about rest all the time, it’s true. I know deep down how important it is, but it’s something I still struggle with.

In fact, I recently started working with Hecate—a deity who is helping me with accountability. When I first learned how she was going to help me, I felt a slight moment of dread / fear, because I thought our work together was going to be about my work and Kind Publishing Co. The thought ‘how could I be doing more than I already am?’, quickly skirted around my brain… But when I connected with her while I was giving myself reiki one night, she quickly and bluntly called me out and said I needed to rest. And to rest until I felt rested. Not just allowing myself to rest for the 4-hour block I set aside on a Saturday morning while I stress about my to-do list. But to actually rest.

Rest is productive. Rest is needed.

So for 2022, I’ll be having more fun, watching Kind Publishing Co. (and our sisters The Kind Witch and Sibyl) grow and flourish, expanding my witchy-ness, expanding myself—and learning to rest. To breathe. To live in the space of reflection, recuperation, and self-love.

Be well and be you. And thank you,



This article was written and contributed by:

Alyssa McDowell

Founder + Executive Managing Editor at Kind Publishing Co.

Energy Healer

kindpublishingco.com \ @kindpublishingco

thekindwitch.com \ @thekind.witch \ @thekind.witch

Alyssa is an Enneagram 5, Manifesting Generator who loves matcha lattés, reading books, and expanding her spiritual self + awareness. After years of struggling with chronic illness and then finding empowerment in healing her mind, body, and soul through a wide range of practices, Alyssa was called to start Kind Publishing Co., a lifestyle publication that merges health, happiness, and woo. Here, she and guest contributors share practices, techniques, and stories to empower you to find your own health and happiness. Her mission is to normalize every aspect of the human experience, while advocating for a continuous evolution and curiosity for the betterment of you.

Alyssa is also Reiki Master through Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki III and provides energy healing and intuitive guidance through The Kind Witch.

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