Hypnosis and How You Become a Channel

What is Channeling?

Channeling is the act of connecting to something bigger than ourselves. In fact, many of us channel regularly and don't even realize it. For example, perhaps you had a feeling about something that turned out to manifest itself in real life? Yep, that's you, tapping into your intuition. And yes, when you are connected to your intuition, you are channeling as you become the medium between this world and unseen realms in which your higher self resides. Mediumship, or channeling, is a connection with source and oneness, which all are connected to, and this practice can take many forms. Some receive symbolism and metaphors, while others practice automatic writing and tapping into soul connections.

Today we're going to speak specifically to Hypnosis. Still, before we get into it, I want to give some foundational information. For example, there are several schools of thought when it comes to channeling, and honestly, they all layer on top of one another. They speak to stepping out of the left brain and into the right, changing brainwave patterns, and raising your personal vibration. Now, I know you may be thinking, Emily, how the hell do I do that? Well, I'm going to explain how each one works and why they all produce profound effects. So, with that, let's start out with raising your personal vibration.

Energetic Vibration

Science tells us that everything on a subatomic level is composed of vibrating energy and that each of us omits a unique rate of vibration. This vibration is an extension of source energy. From this place, we can connect to source and channel beyond our 3D reality. By tapping into the vibrational frequency of source, we begin to experience the knowing of other beings, other people, and other realms. As the native is simply an observer as they channel another. Once the connection is established, messages can come in through thought, spoken word, pictures, and sound. When someone alters their vibration and connects to another, this can influence their psychological responses, tone of voice, and physical nature. Mediums and Psychics alike who have mastered Hypnosis and Transcendent states of being put themselves into a trance. They open themselves up to connecting to the souls around them and beings on the other side. This is due to their heightened state of awareness. They are so tapped into their divine consciousness that they can communicate with energies on different planes.

I want to state that we are all born with this sense of connection and ability. The bond between the ethers and the 3D is not a privilege for those who are touched by god. It is accessible to all of us. Through conditioning and social norms, we subconsciously hide our gifts to better fit into the mold of the many. I'm here to tell you that you have the power to step into ANY dimension you desire; all that is required is a clear mind and a connection to the awareness that lives within you.

Left Brain, Right Brain

Alright, let's get into the science of the brain. So for starters this theory has been completely debunked. Yes, it is true that different sides of the brain effectively produce different functions, however, logic and creativity do not fall under this explanation. Rather, science now shows us that creativity is associated with the default mode network, while logic is associated with the executive control network. Both of which live in the right, and left brain. And I know this may sound confusing so let me create a picture for you. I want you to imagine your brain, with a line down the middle, and on that centerline lives a butterfly. This butterfly crosses the hemisphere and preoccupies both sides of the brain. Thai is similar to the default network and executive control network. Make sense now?

The default mode network is most helpful when it comes to expressive and creative duties. This includes reading the emotions of others, enjoying artwork, composing music, and tapping into our intuition. On the other hand, the executive control network is essential for processing logic, language, and analytical argumentation. It's great at remembering numbers, reasoning, and critical thinking.

Now, our brains function in a state of both logic and emotion every day, however, when we enter transcendent states, we step out of a copasetic relationship between the two, as the executive control network takes a break and the default mode network activates. We naturally enter brain wave patterns that move away from doing and step into feeling when this happens. When we do this, we raise our vibration and produce a frequency that matches higher realms of consciousness because we are entirely in our divine state of mind. We can tap into source energy without 3D judgment or examination, and incredible things begin to cultivate.

So when you hear people speak about stepping into their “right brain,” know that what they are really trying to convey is the practice of quieting the executive control network, and activating the default mode network.

Brain Waves

Now, four types of brain waves can occur at any given time. Gamma that cycles at 38-42 Hz per cycle, BetaBeta from 12-38Hz, Alpha 8-12 Hz, Theta 3-8Hz per cycle, and Delta at .5-3 Hz per cycle.

Gamma brainwaves are the fastest brain waves that cycle at a very high frequency. The function is to simultaneously process information from different aspects of the brain at once. Gamma waves allow the brain to pass data rapidly and silently. In order to step into this space, the mind must be still and quiet. It is activated when we are in mental states of heightened observation and awareness.

For this reason, it is speculated that Gamma changes the perception of perceived reality. It is linked to spiritual emergence, divine connection, and expanded consciousness. The scientific reason for this is that Gamma Waves are strongly connected to the visual cortex, which cultivates the full potential of the mind's capabilities. It has to do with extreme focus, increased creativity, and, most importantly, attention on the body and awareness of senses. Sound familiar? This is precisely what we discussed in raising your vibration by stepping into trance. As you allow yourself to step into your body and feel, you create a connection between yourself and the energies around you.

In fact, Neuroscientists who study electrical frequencies in the human brain have repeatedly discovered Gamma Waves in those to be considered expert meditators. As they report experiencing deep feelings of peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

On the other hand, the Beta State is your normal waking state of "doing." Most of us are in this state throughout our day-to-day experiences. Because when our attention is on the hamster wheel of life, our brains are alert, as they are judgmental, focused, and attentive. They are ready to move into fight or flight at any time and are in a constant state of 3D awareness. Just know that because the conscious mind is fully engaged, you will find yourself unable to access information from the beyond.

It would be like being tuned into the wrong radio station or the equivalent of some far-away longwave radio station, set on an island somewhere.

Now, from this point on, we discover something interesting. Our brain can reach divine connection through the Higher Gamma State and the lower Brain Wave States... And I know you may be thinking, how is that possible? Hold on tight; I promise I'll explain it; for now, we are going to learn about Alpha states.

This state falls into the middle of the wave spectrum. When in Alpha, our brains are not focusing on anything in particular. It's a state of relaxation in response to something mediative like doing the dishes or folding laundry, that is, if you enjoy these things. If you don't, then it doesn't count as meditative. Instead, perhaps just meditating outright is your thing. Because when we produce alpha brain waves, we're able to tap into rest and relaxation. This state of being can also enhance creativity within the mind. Because of this, spiritual practitioners everywhere have found this as their baseline for channeling. As it directly connects us to serenity.

Alright, this state of mind is most associated with trance due to its correlation with relaxation. For example, Theta Brainwaves are apparent in those who are in light sleep or deep meditation. It's a gateway for the subconscious mind to learn new habits quickly, access memories, and connect to our intuition. As our sense of reality shifts from the external world to our inner world. We release our "monkey mind" with all its thoughts, judgments, perceptions, and options, and we enter the present moment. With nowhere else we need to be, nothing else we need to do. It's a state of relaxed detachment from all things concrete as we move into our personal perceptions of reality and consciousness as a whole.

In this state, I begin facilitating channeling with my clients due to their level of self-awareness, openness, and relaxation. They are open channels of communication at this point, and all judgments have been set aside. They have created the space to connect with energies outside of themselves. They become the conscious observer of whatever comes through.

And last but not least, we have Delta. This is a very auspicious state due to the fact that we don't really know scientifically what's happening to our brain when we are in this realm. In Hypnosis, we call this the Esdale state. It's the deepest state you can go into in Hypnosis. It holds what people call the superconscious mind, infinite intelligence, and the collective unconscious. In fact, science has shown us that children under the age of 1 are in a dominant delta state, and by the time they are 3, they are fully in Theta. This is interesting when I recall all the stories I've heard of children who remember their past lives or "imaginary friends." By the age of 5, most have no recollection of these events. Only their parents share their stories. Okay, back on topic!

Most who reach Delta have no conscious awareness and come back into Beta with very little memory recall from experience. It's like we're off somewhere else. However, some have been able to remain conscious in Delta, but know, this takes practice! Every once in a while, I will bring a client down into Delta if their critical mind is resistant to surrendering to the process. But more often than not, Theta is deep enough to channel.

The subconscious mind is dominant in a Theta brain wave state as trance alters and distorts our sense of time. The constructs of the rational mind do not restrict our thoughts. Perhaps most beautifully, though, the subconscious mind will begin to communicate through images and metaphors in a trance state. Our conscious mind is present and watching, but our subconscious mind provides the information and receives suggestions.

Although channeling can happen in the alpha state and below, there is something to be said about the misunderstood gamma brain waves and their connection to spiritual emergence. As I write this, the best explanation I can think of is a comparison of awareness. So let's say that you are sitting in a chair with your feet on the floor. You begin to pay attention to the temperature in the room... any tension in your body.. and the rhythm of your breathing... These are the beginning stages of entering a light trance that will bring you into Alpha, then Theta, and Beta. But, let's say that as you sit in that same chair with your feet on the floor, you begin to place your attention on external things instead. With your eyes closed, you imagine the space above you... sounds outside your window... and energies around the room... And let's say we take that even further as you imagine floating above your home, above your city, above your country, and eventually above the world. Both of these processes bring you into transcendent states. The difference is one is going down into the body, and the other is going out, seeking new perspectives and gaining new insights of reality outside of the self. But because the premise of Gamma states falls under deep concentration, stillness and silence, it is much more difficult to access and take practice to step into a mental state of heightened observation and awareness.

So How Do We Channel in Hypnosis?

As with any other hypnosis session, we start with an induction. This is bringing the brain out of Beta and into Theta. Once this is done, we move into phrasing that allows the client to access the energy they wish to channel. I leave this open to the client to discover because if I say who they will channel, I move from guiding to leading. And just for context, I'll explain this a bit. Guiding is helping someone find their own answers; leading is controlling the narrative. When doing this kind of work, whether by ourselves or with a Hypnotist, we always want to be guided into a place to receive, as control is released. When I work with clients, I do this by stating, "there is a part of you that is divinely connected to your perception of a higher power; when that part is present, please say I am here." This leads the client to connect with whatever energy is best suited for them at this time. I have had clients connect with ET's, Buddha, their unique guides, and have even received the answer, "I have no name; I simply am." Once we connect to the energy of another, we ask questions that the client came up with prior to trance. These questions can be about a client's direction or advice on which they wish to receive wisdom.

Although the outcomes are different, the feeling is always the same. Clients explain how they felt whole as their conscious mind observed what was channeled without input or interference. They speak to feeling connected to something greater than themselves, as though they have a greater understanding of the connection they share to their guides, ascended masters, and beings’ that exist outside of the 3D reality. For those of us who weren't given a safe environment to explore these gifts, it will take practice settling into these extraordinary states of consciousness.

As you explore this channeling space, collaborating with a Hypnotist can be an excellent tool to start with. It allows you to focus less on trying and more on experiencing. And the more you practice, the easier it will be to tap into these realms on your own. Your hypnotist can even link in suggestions for you to return to this state in your own time to make the practice easier. And remember, for those who struggle with accessing your gifts, allow yourself time to explore trance. If you choose to do this work independently, practice focusing so that your mind is not wandering with ruminating thoughts. You must become the observer, keeping conscious focus as you remember the questions you wanted to ask before entering the trance, which can be difficult. Once we move into Theta, forgetting our goals and desired outcomes becomes easy. We become so relaxed that we simply exist at this moment with no thoughts. So being able to stay conscious while surrendering to channeling will take time. But just like anything, it takes repetition, and the more you practice, the easier it will become.

Mediums and psychics alike tap into these deeper brain waves to connect to source energy, allowing them to channel loved ones, guardians, allies, and ancestors. It's no different from a Hypnotist guiding their clients into a trance. Because all channeling happens when we step out of our own way, settle our mind, and center our energy. Whether it be Gamma or Delta, it's all about relaxing and surrendering to universal energy.


This piece was written and contributed by:

Emily Rose Wheeler

Consciousness Facilitator

Emily, the founder of Mystic Rose Medicine, helps her clients build self-awareness by cultivating emotional intelligence. As a practicing Hypnotic Regression Therapist and Reiki Master, she works with her clients to heal from karmic wounds, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. With a comprehensive strategy of reframing limiting beliefs, deconstructing false narratives, and empowering self-compassion, her clients leave feeling self-assured, confident, and authentic. Emily believes that healing must take place on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual, creating an all-inclusive holistic approach that generates balance within the whole human experience.

Emily has a passion for learning and creating art. She enjoys painting, drawing, writing, reading, and learning about everything she can about esoteric philosophy and psychology in her spare time.



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