Why You Need a Yoni Egg and How to Use One

The yoni egg is definitely an interesting piece of female history. It is thought to come from ancient China where women (mostly concubines) used them to improve their vaginal strength. The word “yoni” means vulva in Sanskrit. However, it is clouded in mystery as most female folklore, no one knows it's exact origin. Many criticize the yoni egg for not having scientific research to back it up, however, it continues to grow in popularity because women worldwide are seeing the results of using one.

4 Major Benefits of Using the Yoni Egg Regularly

Strengthens our pelvic floor muscles The yoni egg practice will help strengthen those pelvic floor muscles! They work similarly to the kegel exercises but with a weight so they are more intense than doing just kegels. The more you use the yoni egg, these muscles will strengthen so you will be able to control them better. That means more control during sex, urination and self-pleasure, which is great! Also, for those of us holding trauma inside our yoni and womb, the yoni egg helps us get connected with that trauma to heal and release it.

Helps with learning about our menstruation cycle Women have this incredible monthly menstruation cycle that we often know very little about. There is so much mystery like what does each phase mean? How does it affect our energy and mode? When we begin a yoni egg practice, we get in tune with our yoni. You will start to see that your yoni is different from day to day. Perhaps it feels different inside, your cervix has moved or the wetness is different. The more you know, the more you can take full advantage of your cycle.

Increases our sexual arousal and orgasmic possibilities This is perhaps the best benefit (Am I right?). The more we connect with our yoni and clear the trauma from our past, we begin to feel more sensation. Many women report being in pain or having numbing sensation in their yoni and the egg can help equalize this. For me, my challenge was how numb I was inside my yoni, but I had pain around the lips. The more I used the egg, the more I cleared the trauma and released the tension. My yoni began to have deeper and more intense orgasms. Also, I experience new types of orgasms I had never had before which was a pleasant surprise!

Connects women to their divine feminine The more we connect to our womb and yoni we can begin to harness the power that lives there. For most women, it lies dormant and is never awakened but that is where we hold so much of our divine feminine power. When we bring this part of us to life, we can set boundaries with ease. We can decide our future with joy and not constant worry. The yoni egg practice can teach us to soften into our feminine power and really begin to create the life of our dreams.

Okay, but how do we get started? The first step is finding YOUR egg. Eggs are mostly made of crystals or glass. However, I recommend either a Nephrite Egg or Obsidian Egg for anyone starting out. You can see more about each here. Many beginners are tempted to go with clear or rose quartz because they know that crystal. But quartz amplifies anything it touches so if you have a lot of trauma, meaning this type of crystal can actually emphasize the trauma. So stay clear of quartz unless you are a seasoned egg user and are certain you are clear of any traumas. This is why I recommend the Nephrite or Obsidian varieties.

When you start your practice, begin with 3 minutes sessions, 3 times per week. You'll want to avoid overdoing it and exhausting their pelvic floor muscles, but using the egg too much before we're used to it. We don’t want to cause any discomfort. Also, never insert your egg while you are bleeding. Your body is trying to release during that time, and the egg practice isn’t counterproductive.

To start, follow these instructions.

  1. Lay down on your back and take some deep breaths

  2. Give yourself a nice message especially around your breasts to ground your body. We want you to be relaxed and calm.

  3. Take the egg [string it, if you like] and hold it over your womb for a few breaths. This will warm it up.

  4. Then slowly move the egg down to the opening of your yoni + ask your body if it wishes to receive the yoni egg.

  5. If you get a good feeling or a yes, then go ahead and insert it for 3 minutes. If you get a “no”, then leave it by your side. We never force it in.

  6. During that time, you can mediate, journal or do some light yoga!

  7. When you take it out, rinse it with water and soap. And send it gratitude for the healing.

Eventually, you may find yourself creating your own ritual around the Yoni Egg. That is the best! It means you are really leaning into it and making it your own. Every woman holds within her a unique feminine power that only she can unleash! I hope this yoni egg practice helps you release it with the world.

*If you have any questions about Yoni Egg or divine feminine, click the links below to contact Morgan.


This piece was written and contributed by:

Morgan Doman

Life and Clarity Coach

Morgan Doman is a Life and Clarity Coach. She helps struggling people-pleasers gain clarity and grow into inspired leaders and entrepreneurs. She has years of experience in the nonprofit sector which has given her a deep-rooted knowledge of how to combine business with values. She is certified by the Human Potential Institute and specializes in embodiment and transformational coaching. She loves to coach to find clarity and then support her clients in actually taking action to create their life. She offers a 16-week coaching program to help you gain clarity so you can re-examine and upgrade your life to become an inspired leader and entrepreneur.

www.morgandoman.com | @morgan.doman Facebook /Morgan Doman Coaching | YouTube /Morgan Doman


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