How to Recognize Karma in Your Life (and Release It)

Let's Start With "What Is Karma"

Many believe Karma is a form of punishment that occurs when doing something wrong, but the truth is, Karma is neither good nor bad. In fact, the term means deed and work. It's the collection of all our actions in this life and all previous states of existence that define our future realities. No pluses or minuses, just sums. Each contribution made to one's life is intertwined to cultivate lessons that have yet to be learned. As humans, we are attached to illusions (labels, if you will) about our perception of existence, the world around us, and the realities we create within the constructs of our minds. These attachments separate us from divine truth and directly result in what we would label as unfortunate events. The universe would call them lessons; remember, we place the word "negative" on difficult things; this does not mean these things are bad; it's all about perception. How we choose to confront these lessons is up to us.

The Laws of Karma want us to face our attachments to negative behaviors, toxic relationships, scarcity, and internal conflicts. When we heal these attachments, we free ourselves from painful delusions that would otherwise slow down the progression and evolution of our soul. Suppose you decide willingly to un-attach from what you know to be unhealthy. In that case, you will find yourself evolving as your soul becomes free of the burdens and misconceptions you've held so tightly to. Attachment to illusions will always produce pain; detachment from delusions will always create peace.

How to Recognize Karma in Your Life

Karma can show up in the form of a partner, parent, or job. It can look like victimization, abuse, and power; gratitude, integrity, and acceptance. But the real way to know when something is Karmic is if it's challenging. Now I'm not talking about some small thing that happened to you one time. I'm talking about hurdles that keep showing up for you to tackle. A consistent theme you just can't seem to shake, and you may even ask yourself, "why does this keep happening?". It's all about opportunities.

Let's look at some examples:

Do you find yourself running on a program that always pushes you to date the wrong person? What is similar in each relationship? Is it low confidence? Loneliness? Find the common factor, and you find the karmic lesson. Have you always tried to please your parents or authority figures beyond what you actually want? Do you find yourself doing things for others but not for yourself? Or maybe you found someone who is truly incredible. This could be a friend or partner. You feel like they expand you and hold traits that you admire. But maybe you sabotage your chances before getting the opportunity to be shown just how valued you are. Perhaps you stay at a job because it's "safe." Where does that come from? Fear of the unknown? scarcity? A lack of understanding of what you are capable of?

Karma is constant and persistent. It will keep sending messages until we hear them and take hold of the opportunity. For example, You may find that your partner is unsuitable for you, so you break up and end up finding someone who isn't right for you but is a better fit than your last partner. This is not an improvement… This is the lesser of two evils. Do you see the test here? The universe wants to know if you value yourself enough to wait for someone better. When you take what's easy or what you're comfortable with, you're telling the universe, "I'm not ready." But don't worry, another test will come along, and the universe will reveal this theme in other aspects of your life until you step into your authenticity.

How Do You Know If You Have Karmic Ties with Another Person?

This is a big one. One way to know if you have karmic ties is to answer this simple question. When you met these persons, did you feel immediately connected to them? Did you feel like you have known them forever? Or that you were compelled to get to know them better? Do you feel oddly comfortable with this person? This is definitely karmic. Now, this is neither good nor bad; remember, this person could end up being a train wreck or an expander in your life. But there is a lesson here. Odds are, you have spent past lives together, and some work is to be done. Either way, if you feel magnetic to someone, Karma is calling, but watch out for snakes and learn your lesson quickly. If you see red flags, listen to them so that you can pass your test to move on to bigger and better things. You don't want to spend 3+ years with a friend or partner or at a job with a boss who is teaching you lessons. You can learn much faster than that, trust me. Our ego or wounding often gets in the way of our self-development. This can be challenging or inspiring—neither is right or wrong, good or bad. The goal of these relationships is to grow into your authentic self so that you feel whole in who you are. If someone comes into your life and you admire them, take the time to learn what they have to teach you, oftentimes you will end up teaching you something too. Karma goes both ways when it’s connected to people. It's never one sided.


This piece was written and contributed by:

Emily Rose Wheeler

Consciousness Facilitator

Emily, the founder of Mystic Rose Medicine, helps her clients build self-awareness by cultivating emotional intelligence. As a practicing Hypnotic Regression Therapist and Reiki Master, she works with her clients to heal from karmic wounds, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. With a comprehensive strategy of reframing limiting beliefs, deconstructing false narratives, and empowering self-compassion, her clients leave feeling self-assured, confident, and authentic. Emily believes that healing must take place on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual, creating an all-inclusive holistic approach that generates balance within the whole human experience.

Emily has a passion for learning and creating art. She enjoys painting, drawing, writing, reading, and learning about everything she can about esoteric philosophy and psychology in her spare time. \ @mystic.rose.medicine


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