How to Find the Root-Cause of an Emotion and Rewire It

We've all been there. The feeling of overwhelm; maybe it's anxiety, frustration, or general unease. Everything above the surface seems to be the cause, but more often than not, there is a baseline core wound activating this "random" blast of emotion that is vigorously affecting your ability to reason and disrupting your nervous system, causing you to be completely dysregulated.

Now, you may be thinking, "What if I just get frustrated at traffic" or "dealing with tech stresses me out"; and I'm here to tell you, yes, these too have core beliefs and wounds around them that activate you; otherwise, you wouldn't get overwhelmed. Want some examples? Okay, we'll get into it, but I want to preface that I will speak to sub-personalities and parts in this article. If you haven't heard of these terms, don't worry, I got you. I wrote an article on the topic last month; to view it, you can click here. Just know that it will help you make sense of the terminology if you have non-clue what I'm talking about.

Judgment Wound

Okay! To start off with an example, let's go with the traffic one first. This person, let's call them Teddy, is obviously upset. They are yelling, honking, or cussing, or maybe all three at the people around them. They are showing judgment (belief), and now they are all wound up and irritated (a consequence of that belief), which can stem from several different places. Maybe they grew up in a household where the adults around them exhibited judgmental behavior (this would be your wounded child), or perhaps it was shadow. They judge themselves so harshly and have rejected that part of themselves that they then project that judgment onto others. Still, the root cause of judgment is low self-worth. Whether judging someone else (putting someone down to make yourself feel better) or judging yourself (showing your subconscious you are lacking in some way), both come from a place of lack. The goal is to feel your emotion, notice where the wounding is coming from (which sub-personality/part of you), follow that to the belief that created it, and then discover the root cause of that belief. Let's look at another example that's a little bit different.

Imposter Syndrome

Say you are dealing with imposter syndrome in your career and are struggling to show up for yourself. What is the core belief here? Is it that you aren't good enough? Is it that you feel unsafe taking up space? Is it that you feel powerless? The next part of this thread is discovering what part of you has this wounding. Is it your inner child? Is it your inner critic? For the sake of this example, let's say it is your inner child. Now, what is the outcome of this belief? Maybe you don't ask for a raise when you should, or perhaps you let other people walk all over you because you believe they know something that you don't, or better yet, that they HAVE something within them that you do not. Following this back, you can discover when this belief originated. Process who you grew up around; was this behavior modeled to you? Or did you pick it up as a coping mechanism?


The threading process starts with an emotion and, with practice, leads you to the foundation of why you feel this way. Yes, some things are just stressful, but more often than not, they are stressful because of our beliefs around them. Once you understand this core belief, you can go back in time to the memory/memories that implanted this belief in your mind (this is best done in trance with a hypnotherapist). The idea has made you feel like an imposter in your career. It's in this place that you reframe the narrative by either standing in your power and changing the memory in a way that you stand up for yourself and speak up for your needs or, reparenting your younger self from the wisdom of your secure adult, or maybe you bring in a safe person to help soothe them and give them everything they needed, or perhaps you put yourself in the shoes of the person who hurt you. This can help you understand their own limiting beliefs and realize that you are not singled out in their handouts of pain. It wasn't personal, and you no longer need to hold onto it. Each person's healing journey is different, and each person will need a unique formula to process these emotions and limiting beliefs, but how you get to the core wound is always the same; without fail, you will find the root cause of the issues.


This article was written and contributed by:

Emily Rose Wheeler

Consciousness Facilitator at Mystic Rose Medicine \ @mystic.rose.medicine

Emily Rose Wheeler is a healing facilitator who works with folks to over come limiting beliefs as they deconstruct false narratives, and empower self-compassion. She believes that healing takes place on all levels, physical, emotional, & spiritual, creating an all-inclusive holistic approach that generates balance within the whole human experience. Those who feel called to work with her have usually fallen through the cracks of the system & require nourishing validation as they heal subconscious wounds that have taken up space for far too long.

Her mission is to assist others in finding their pleasure, pursue their passion, discover their values & honoring their relationships. As they cultivate love & compassion within themselves, they step into their true nature of being.

When she isn’t working with clients, Emily is reading books on child psychology, energy healing, neuroplasticity, trauma, & epigenetics. When she’s not reading, she is painting or creating something with her hands. The soothing & unfamiliar prediction of what her art will turn into allows her to be comfortable with mistakes & embrace what she has made, even if it turns out different than anticipated.


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