How to Attune to the Cycles of the Moon

I find I’m most in tune when it’s a full moon, and that’s because I spend a lot of my days around teenagers, and their sassy attitude and strange behavior almost always clues me into when the moon is at its peak. Can any other educators or health care workers relate? That phase used to be the most prominent in my world, but I’ve come to see and understand how and why all the phases matter—especially to my feminine energy and cycle.

Learning how women are impacted and influenced by the moon connects the cyclical nature of a menses to the cyclical nature of the cosmos. Integrating such lunar cycle information so you can align yourself with the universe means using both powerful energies to work in tandem.

Since reading Kate Northrup’s Do Less book and using her Do Less planner, I have embraced cyclical planning using the moon cycle as well as my menstrual cycle. The four phases of the moon give off a distinct energy and women do as well. Let’s learn to understand the importance of aligning woman energies with the specific energies of the moon.

4 Phases of the Moon as They Relate to the Menstrual Cycle

(Here is how to use the lunar cycle if you don’t menstruate)

The new moon is likened to menstruation.

This is a time to rest as new moon energy is associated with the middle of the night, the dead of winter. It’s the energy of turning inward—reflecting and relaxing. Have you noticed the American culture is beginning to accept this concept a bit more readily and shift the hustle mentality?

The waxing quarter moon is likened to the follicular phase.

Like the waxing quarter moon is between the new moon and the full moon, the follicular phase is after a women’s period and before her ovulation. It is associated with the energy of new beginnings; that is, it’s a time to initiate and plan. This is the metaphorical season of spring.

The full moon is likened to ovulation.

If you work in education or health care, you can usually sense when it’s a full moon as the energy among students and patients tends to be quite potent. To this end, the full moon is a time to connect and be visible. Oh, hello imaginative summer…I am here to be noticed!

The waning quarter moon is likened to the luteal phase.

And here we have the emblematic autumn. The waning quarter moon ushers things to a close—has you wrap up when you’ve been doing and take a moment to analyze what worked and what didn’t. And then again, the cycle continues.

4 Self-Care Suggestions Based on the Phases of the Moon

New Moon

Create a cozy space for yourself—grab a warm beverage and light a candle. Grab a pen and your journal. Journaling is such a powerful way of checking in with yourself. It’s quite incredible what comes out of your head, down your arm, through your hand and on to paper.

Waxing Quarter Moon

Get going on something new (or even a project you’re working on) by storming your brain a.k.a brainstorming—maybe it’s a home improvement project, maybe it’s a lifestyle change, maybe it’s content creation. I like to do this on a huge piece of paper with colorful markers, but you can go the tech route too and use Canva or Pinterest to create a vivid vision. Dream big and get going on something new!

Full Moon

It’s time to be seen and be social. You can do this through connecting with friends, collaborating with like-minded people or posting Reels on Instagram. It’s also time to attract what you want, and that means manifesting. Check out my most recent KPCo article which leads you through the 6 steps to attracting what you want and with ease.

Waning Moon

Take a deep breath because it’s time to declutter and organize. This means paying attention to your space. My favorite thing to do is put on an upbeat song, a true crime podcast or my latest Audible book and get going on creating the physical vibe I want to be in.

Using the moon as your touchstone in how you live your month is a cool way to live; believe it.

If you’re intrigued and would like to tune into the moon cycles so you can further understand yourself on a deeper level, join me for a full cycle of moon rituals starting with the next cycle. Here is the link to join and here are the dates of the “moon meetings”: new moon 1/31, waxing moon 2/8, full moon 2/16 & waning moon 2/23.


This article was written and contributed by:

Lisa Desberg

Self Love Coach at The Magnifying Class \ @themagnifyingclass

Lisa is a Self Love Coach, a Manifestation Guide, and a Reiki Master Teacher. As a Self Love Coach, she helps you to overcome self-limiting behaviors and habits through self care and self love strategies—ones that are accessible and authentic and can be easily integrated into daily living.

As a Manifestation Guide, Lisa supports you in tapping into your desires and attracting ways you want to feel and things you want to have. What you want is already yours. As a Reiki Master Teacher, she guides you on your journey to become healer, and we know the world needs more healers. In level 1, you learn the history, the chakras, and the techniques to self Reiki and Reiki loved ones—even pets. In level 2, you become a practitioner. In level 3a, you become a Master, and in level 3b, you become a Master Teacher.

Lisa finds joy in a morning cappuccino, a full day of teaching high schoolers, an afternoon meditation, and a night time dinner around the kitchen table with family. She weaves her favorite self care and self love practices into her everyday life, and her current favorites are breathwork, hydration, nourishment, celebration, movement, and journaling.


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