How to Activate Your Chakras with Movement and Mindfulness

Mindfulness and movement is for every mind and every body, so I keep that as part of my daily self care checklist as I focus on alignment—from my root to my crown. Some days I get a little bit in, some days a lot, but everyday…this is a priority.

The human body has 114 chakras; that is, 114 energy centers in our body that correspond to our organs and our nerves. Aligned chakras regulate the flow of energy in our body, and they aid in our physical and mental well being. It’s about not being too open or too closed but being “just right” very Goldilocks of us!

This article will highlight the main seven chakras and how you might choose to incorporate them into your daily movement and mindfulness routine.

Root Chakra

When the root chakra is in alignment, you feel safe, secure, grounded and connected. You feel like you’re on sturdy ground, like you are supported by the universe. This stability is basic like food, water and shelter, and it can also be considered having emotional needs met.

Find yourself seated on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Reach your arms above your head and out in front of you into a forward bend pose. Breathing in and out, reaching the tips of your fingers to your toes a little further at a time. Then, interlace your fingers and push all that rooted energy into the universe by raising them overhead and stretching to the right, through the center, and to the left.

Sacral Chakra

When the sacral chakra, which is right below your belly button, is in alignment, you feel full of creativity and pleasure. The way you experience your emotions and the way you enjoy life are dictated by this energy center.

Now to do some hip opening stretches. Find yourself in a seated position with the soles of your feet touching. Clasp your hands around your feet, bring your chest as far forward as you can and lift back up again. Breathe into this stretch as you continue the movement of contracting and expanding with this pose.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This is my favorite chakra—if there is such a thing—as it’s our emotional brain. This chakra is referred to as our “city of jewels” and is located in our upper belly. It governs our identity, our personality, and our ego. The solar plexus has a lot to do with our motivation and willpower.

Find yourself on your hands and knees in tabletop position, taking a moment to place your palms over your shoulders and your hips over your knees. As you inhale, sink your belly down to the earth. As you exhale, round your spine upward. This is cat and cow sequence, as you might very well know. Keep going with this until you feel in balance.

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra dictates the love and compassion you have for yourself and others. An open heart chakra allows you to see and feel all the beauty, joy and love around and within; if the heart chakra is blocked, you feel the contrast—emotionally and physically.

Find yourself on your belly, so you can lift your heart up to the sky like a cobra. Place your palms on the ground next to your chest, with your fingertips in line with the front of your shoulders. Hug your elbows into your sides, press your hands firmly into the ground and lift your chest off the mat. You’ll notice engagement and activation as your heart opens.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is responsible for communication, for expression, and for the ability to speak and honor what you know to be true. All chakras are relevant, but you might view this as the most; after all, we are in constant communication during our waking hours.

To clear your throat chakra, lay down on your back and lift your core up by bending your arms so that your forearms are flat on the ground to support yourself in that position. Now, arch your back and let your head dip back to the mat, throat up to the sky. Stay in that position and take deep, nourishing breaths in and out.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is your intuition—it’s what we can see but not with your eyes. It’s located in the center of your eyebrows, and it represents your deep wisdom and insight with regard to the way you perceive your world and the world.

Find yourself in downward dog by curling your toes underneath your body and lifting your booty up to the sky. Feel that stretch in the back of your hamstrings, but you really want to start focusing on your third eye, your self awareness. Pay attention to the place right between your eyebrows. There’s nothing like turning upside down to change your perspective. I’m assuming we’ve all had those “my life is turned upside down” moments.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is our bridge to enlightenment. Over the course of one’s lifetime, some never develop this energy as it’s the most spiritual in nature. In essence, it’s our connection to our most divine self. Since chakras generally develop every 7 years, this one doesn’t develop until you're 40s—again, if at all.

Lay down on the ground in a corpse pose with your hands by our side or resting on your solar plexus chakra. Close your eyes and take several long, smooth breaths. Stay in this final resting pose and see what comes through. As you feel into this pose, know you are supported by the earth beneath you. Focus on your alignment – trust that you and the universe will support that reality.

As a culmination of what you’ve learned about the energy that flows throughout your body, fill in these mantra starters for your seven chakras:

Root chakra—I am…

Sacral chakra—I feel…

Solar Plexus chakra—I do…

Heart chakra—I love…

Throat chakra—I speak…

Third Eye chakra—I see…

Crown chakra—I understand…

By practicing chakra balancing, you are taking care of your mind and body. You’re releasing stagnant energy and you are creating a harmonious flow that will make you feel like your favorite.


This article was written and contributed by:

Lisa Desberg

Self Love Coach at The Magnifying Class \ @themagnifyingclass

Lisa is a Self Love Coach, a Manifestation Guide, and a Reiki Master Teacher. As a Self Love Coach, she helps you to overcome self-limiting behaviors and habits through self care and self love strategies—ones that are accessible and authentic and can be easily integrated into daily living.

As a Manifestation Guide, Lisa supports you in tapping into your desires and attracting ways you want to feel and things you want to have. What you want is already yours. As a Reiki Master Teacher, she guides you on your journey to become healer, and we know the world needs more healers. In level 1, you learn the history, the chakras, and the techniques to self Reiki and Reiki loved ones—even pets. In level 2, you become a practitioner. In level 3a, you become a Master, and in level 3b, you become a Master Teacher.

Lisa finds joy in a morning cappuccino, a full day of teaching high schoolers, an afternoon meditation, and a night time dinner around the kitchen table with family. She weaves her favorite self care and self love practices into her everyday life, and her current favorites are breathwork, hydration, nourishment, celebration, movement, and journaling.


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