An Honest Review of Organic Period Pads from Target

Are you a die-hard fan of one particular period product brand? I thought I was, until I went out to try and review three different organic period products, menstrual pads specifically, from Target. I thought I knew who the winner would be before I started, but after this experiment, I’ve walked away with a new favorite brand. Keep reading to review my honest review of three organic period pads from Target.



Shop L. at Target

This was the first organic pad brand I tried after switching from the traditional “toxic” alternatives. To put it simply, I was not impressed. My menstrual flow tends to run thick and clotty—and these pads just did not absorb the way I needed them to. The pads held everything on top of the material, which just felt like a big mess, both in my underwear and on my skin. L. was the most budget friendly of the three brands I tried and I liked that you could buy in bulk—the Overnight Pads can come in a 50 pack.

Adhesive: I hated this adhesive. The wings didn’t stick long-term (like at all) and the pad would shift in my underwear, which was just incredibly annoying. I often got stains on my underwear while wearing the pad because it shifted so much.

Branding + Packaging: The branding is fun and attractive. I liked how the main packaging was re-sealable, so I could easily store it away when I wasn’t in my winter (bleed) phase.

Mission: L. provides period products to girls who may not normally have access so they don’t have to miss school when they are menstruating.


$9.99 for 50 Overnight Pads*



Shop Cora at Target

I’ve been a long-time Cora fan and honestly find little fault with their period pads. They stay in place and have very good absorbency—they get the job done. Plus, I love their simple, neutral aesthetic which looks great even if you have to leave it on the bathroom counter.

Adhesive: Contrary to L.’s adhesive, Cora’s pad adhesive really sticks! The pads never budged after I placed them on—sometimes a little too well. The wings had a tendency to break down as I was taking the pad off, leaving adhesive and material remnants still stuck to my underwear. Though, honestly, I would rather have the adhesive stick too well than not well enough.

Branding + Packaging: The entire brand experience of Cora is my absolute favorite. I love how neutral, simple, and elegant their branding is. I also appreciated the soft fabric-like wrap the individual pads came in.

Mission: Every Cora purchase helps provide pads and health education to girls who need them. Together, we’ve donated 10 million pads and counting. Cora is also a certified B Corp which means their products adhere to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


$8.99 for 28 Overnight Pads*

The Honey Pot Company


Shop The Honey Pot Company at Target

I’ve seen this brand available for a while now in stores, but because I loved the Cora brand so much, I never felt the need to try Honey Pot. Plus, I didn’t see the point in having scented pads. Turns out I was incredibly naive, uninformed, and missing out!

Backstory: For a few years now, my menstruation blood irritates the skin of my vulva. I would describe it similar to an allergic reaction that comes and goes with my monthly flow. While on vacation with my family in a remote area of Minnesota, my period came unexpectedly and my options at the local Target were limited—so I came back to our rental property with Honey Pot in hand. From the moment I put the pad on, I could immediately feel the menthol from the mint (there’s also lavender and aloe vera in the ingredients). “Oh, that’s interesting.” I thought.

And then I realized that the scent, which I thought was for vanity purposes only, actually had a very specific medicinal purpose. The blend was perfectly soothing my vulva irritation, until it was completely gone. The Honey Pot Company intentionally uses ingredients that are definitely not for vanity purposes only—they use herbs that support your vaginal health. The founder created these products using a recipe from her ancestors to help treat and heal her bacterial vaginosis. I’m impressed! Needless to say, I’m a major fan of this company now! They’re more expensive overall, but due to the relief it brought my vulva, I really don’t care.

Adhesive: The adhesive on the pads does exactly what it’s supposed to do. No complaints!

Branding + Packaging: The branding is colorful, modern, and simple. While it doesn’t match my neutral bathroom aesthetic, it’s something I can look-over given how well the products work and how they work for me.

Mission: When you purchase The Honey Pot Company for yourself, you’re helping to provide menstrual care for humans with vaginas who are homeless, low income, or living in poverty.


$7.99 for 12 Overnight Pads*

The Honey Pot Company is clearly my favorite new period product brand and I've since bought several of their product offerings. I wish I would have tried them sooner! Have you tried these brands before? I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’ve experienced any of the same things I did or if you have a different perspective to offer. Comment below to get the conversation started!

*pricing may vary between products and over time


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