Hobbies For Certain Times

Both my grandmother and great-grandmother crocheted for the majority of their lives. It was a skill that my mother and I, after failing to learn from our own family, learned at a Community Course in my hometown. I pride myself on my tight tension and never know if I am starting or finishing the project correctly — I’m in constant fear that it will fall apart due to insufficient knots.

However, I typically only find myself crocheting under one circumstance — when I am in mourning. It didn’t happen on purpose. But after my third miscarriage, I realized the pattern.

As I am making blankets I find the softness… the building of the weight as you go comforting.

Now, with everyone bound to their homes practicing social distancing, I find the hobby calling to me again. Which is pretty telling, no?

Tell me, do you have a hobby that you save for special instances? Maybe you do them with a special person or when you have a particular feeling like me? Tell me below in the comments.

Be well and be kind.



sibyl by Kpco

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