Finding Soul Truth with The Hierophant

There is quite a bit of psychological, metaphysical, magickal, and medicinal wisdom we can gain from using tarot cards. Let’s take a look at and study The Hierophant in the Major Arcana. Take a few moments for yourself to get acquainted with our next archetypal figure, also known as the Pope or Teacher of the deck. What do you pick up on when you look at the imagery? What are you drawn to most? What questions arise within you? The Hierophant is a wise teacher and spiritual healer who would be more than happy to assist you on your search for truth and wisdom.

The Hierophant shows up to remind us that questioning is a spiritual act—that all things are a spiritual act in general. Questioning is the catalyst for everything we do. It’s safe to question…to ponder, to meditate, to reflect. That is how truth enters and finds us, when we quit controlling and conforming and finally admit that we will always be students as well as teachers. The Hierophant, in all his wisdom, sits before two followers below him. Not that they are literally below him, but they are awaiting the knowledge he is about to inevitably pass down. Even with all his wisdom, The Hierophant knows that wisdom is useless if not shared. He has obtained his spiritual truths, asked his questions and found his answers to pass down to those also willing to receive it and share it. So that the endless truth of the source never ceases to spread into the eyes, ears, minds, hearts and souls of those open to receive.

Red, Gold, and Gray

In the traditional tarot, The Hierophant is shown with red, gold, and gray. Symbolizing the physical world, the spiritual world, and the mystery that gels the two. The red color represents the physical world, the life force, our actions here on the earth plane. The gold color represents the spiritual, the alchemical, the magickal. The gray color in the background represents the forever mystery in between it all, it reminds us that we will never truly know everything and that is beautiful in itself.

Right Hand Blessing

The Hierophant raises his right hand in the position of blessing. Two fingers pointed to heaven, two fingers pointed below for earth. The right side, physiologically and spiritually represents the masculine. Masculine energy is active and dutiful. This reminds us that it is within our power and ability to bless, to curse, to change or to stagnate. We play an active role in and participate in the evolution and growth of the world. Which can bless or curse it depending on which way we go. But we are God consciousness in motion, nonetheless and that is a blessing.

Papal Cross

In his left hand, The Hierophant holds the Papal Cross which symbolizes the holy trinity. Of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—Child, Adult, and Soul. Reminding us of our stages of evolving human beings as well as spiritual beings.

The Keys at His Feet

The keys at the feet of The Hierophant represent the many doorways our faith, our seeking, our surrendering, and our devotion can take us through. The Hierophant has keys to the kingdom, so to speak. You must be willing to open your mind, heart, and spirit to walking through the doors, to creating heaven on earth, to embracing your place as both forever student and humble teacher. What keys will you also leave for others so they can explore and walk through many valuable doorways and pathways to their own evolution?

Number 5

The Hierophant is the 5th of the Major Arcana cards. The Number 5 symbolizes inevitable change, interconnectedness, empowerment, encouragement, and transitions.

Planetary Correspondance

The astrological energy of The Hierophant is represented by the sign of Taurus and the planet venus. Taurus is the symbol of earth, it is fixed, talent/skill focused, value driven, and result oriented. Venus represents love, beauty, kindness, growth, and the heart center.

The Hierophant's Magick and Medicine

The Hierophants magick and medicine is that of soul truth, growth, and healing. Ditching conditioned responses for soul wisdom, heart centered feeling, and the power of having a mind of your own. The mind that the divine gave you. The Hierophant humbles us and reminds us that we are not what we do, but we are who we are. Because who we are is priceless and incorruptible. What we leave behind here will never be of a material nature, but will be left in heart, memory, and tradition.

Working with The Hierophant

Contemplative Questions

  • What is the question I’ve been wanting answered all my life?

  • What does my soul have to say about that question? What is the truth?

  • What do I want to leave behind in this world and pass down?

Meditate with The Hierophant

Sit, stand, or lie down (whichever feels most comfortable for you), and light a gold, red, or silver candle. Gaze upon the imagery of The Hierophant for about five minutes (you can go longer if you desire). With your personal question in mind (as answered in your first contemplative question) seek the advice of The Hierophant. What would he advise? How would he go about teaching you to live the answer to that question? What other teachings does he offer you on your path at this time. You may stay with him for longer if you wish. When you feel ready, take three deep cleansing breaths and give thanks to The Hierophant for his wisdom. His wisdom is your wisdom now to pass on as you grow.

I am so excited to see what journey The Hierophant takes you on for this cycle! If you have questions, comments or need any support during this time, feel free to email me at


This piece was written and contributed by:

Jennifer Pennington PhD.

Holy Shift! Tarot

Jennifer Pennington is a registered Minister, Metaphysician & Holistic Educator in the state of Pennsylvania. She has traveled all throughout the tri-state area and wherever else the divine Mother & Father have guided her so she can share her love of EveryBody Wellness Practices.

In her free time she enjoys visiting her local bookstore, farmers markets, thrift shopping, cuddling her kitties and watching supernatural horror movies with her husband, Brian.

For more information, support, or personalized readings email at

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