Faith over Fear with The Fool

The Fool in Tarot

There is quite a bit of psychological, metaphysical, magickal, and medicinal wisdom we can gain from using tarot cards. The Fool will be our first guide from the Major Arcana. The Fool can be seen carrying only what he needs on his shoulders, which seems to be very little—basic essentials. He is skipping along with his loyal pup by his side, holding a single white rose in his left hand. Waves of water rise and crash around him as it seems he is about to walk off a cliff. This imagery can bring up skepticism and fear for some or light heartedness and relief for others. What surfaces from within you when you take a look at The Fool? Let yourself have a few moments to receive any first impressions or insights. Then, invite yourself to take an even deeper look.

The White Rose in the Left Hand

The White Rose has long been a symbol of purity, cleansing, and innocence. The left side of the body is feminine in nature, receptive, and intuitive. This is perfect i

magery for a card that evokes such powerful freedom from within you and reminds you that a clean slate is available no matter where you are. The white rose resembles new life, which The Fool is embracing as he leaves everything he thought he knew and wanted to leave behind. Holding the rose in his left hand brings with it an energy of acceptance. He is open, willing, and ready to receive a new way of doing things, seeing things, and experiencing things in his life.

The Loyal Pup by The Fool’s Side

The loyal dog by the side of The Fool represents friendships, loyalty, and reliance. No matter what has shifted in The Fool's life, or where he is being guided to travel next, those who are truly with him are with him no matter what. This reminds you that no matter where you choose to change or grow, those who are meant to stay with you during the journey will inevitably stay. Those who are meant to go, will inevitably fall away, and no matter what it’s all okay!

The Cliff

The part that may evoke the most anxiety in people at first glance is the fact that this happily free man is about to walk off a cliff. This is so for a reason—because change can be scary. Liberating yourself from what you thought you knew can be scary. It can literally feel like walking right off a cliff. Will you survive? Will you die? Will it work out? Will it fail? The Fool brings up the power of surrender. Asking us to let go of the what if’s and focus on what IS instead. Moving with full faith that the leap will be worth it because we dared to dive deeper.

Number 0

The Fool is represented by the number 0 which symbolizes the eternal, the infinite, and the never ending. It is a void of creation type of number which is perfect for this card as it brings new beginnings, new energy, the unknown and the emptiness that can come with clearing the old in preparation for the new.

Color Psychology of The Fool

There is a great deal of orange and yellow in this card in the traditional Rider-Waite deck(other cards from other decks may vary, so definitely pay attention depending on what deck you’re using!). The Fool card brings with it a ton of sacral and solar plexus energy. Divine feeling and divine willpower. The Fool asks you to really sink into your feelings and direct them willfully. To give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel and to ebb, flow and move in the direction we are called to move in. No matter how new, scary or unfamiliar it may seem. Orange and yellow are great for inviting creativity, sweetness, joy, and mental energy.

Planetary Correspondence

The Fool is ruled by the planet Uranus, the planet of drastic change, liberation and rebellion. The Fool is DEFINITELY the Major Arcana’s rebel of the entire deck. Challenging your beliefs, untethering you from the very shackles you and society as a whole have created and choosing to live from the limitless spirit that exists within all of us. The Fool’s Uranus energy provides you the support and permission to challenge what you’ve always known instead of just tolerating it.

The Fools Magick & Medicine

The Fool is limitless, boundless FREEDOM! An untethered soul with absolute FAITH over FEAR. The Fool steps into the unknown, without having to know everything that lies ahead; but knowing full well, that no matter what, the unknown provides wisdom and experience that inevitably encourages our growth. It is the void of the unknown where you can go to grow because you learn more about yourself, life, and beyond within that space.

Contemplative Questions from The Fool

1. How would YOU define freedom for yourself?

2. Where and why do you feel foolish for desiring freedom?

3. How can turning fear into faith make a massive shift in your psyche, heart, soul, and life?

Meditate with The Fool

Grab The Fool card out of your deck (or simply use the image provided in this article). Light a single white tea light candle and sit with this card for 5 minutes or more. Focusing on the imagery, the symbolism, and the spirit of this card. Allowing your breath to ebb and flow freely and naturally—in through the nose, out through the mouth. Stabilizing and rooting into the present moment. In what ways can you apply The Fool’s magick and medicine to your own life? Sit with this card as long as you need to and record any impressions, messages or action steps you feel guided to take!

I am so excited to see what journey The Fool takes you on for this cycle! If you have questions, comments or need any support during this transition you are inevitably going to make, feel free to email me at If you’d like a personalized tarot reading, feel free to email me to book your session. I am available Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm Eastern Time! If you’d like to take my Practical Tarot self paced course, click here to grab more information!


This piece was written and contributed by:

Jennifer Pennington PhD.

Holy Shift! Tarot

Jennifer Pennington is a registered Minister, Metaphysician & Holistic Educator in the state of Pennsylvania. She has traveled all throughout the tri-state area and wherever else the divine Mother & Father have guided her so she can share her love of EveryBody Wellness Practices.

In her free time she enjoys visiting her local bookstore, farmers markets, thrift shopping, cuddling her kitties and watching supernatural horror movies with her husband, Brian.


Facebook: /jpiszenaf


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