Don't Feed The Fear

Do not feed your fear.

Fear is a low-vibration energy. And the energy you put out, you attract — whether that is low-vibration or high-vibration. So by giving into your fears, you’re inviting more of the same low-vibration frequencies. Which can show up as more fear, as anxiety, as worry and doubt.

If you’re giving into fear over and over, it is time to shift your focus. Shift your fear to excitement. Instead of being fearful of the worst case scenario, change the narrative to be excited for the best. Imagine what that best looks like. Feel what it feels like. Call it in. And allow it to come.

What am I fearful of?

I’ve been fearful of receiving harsh judgement if I fully step into my authentic self (especially by loved ones) if I pursue what interests me and what fills me up. Because the things that fill me up, that excite me, aren’t “traditional” in any mainstream sense. And to be honest, I’ll admit that they can take some getting used to, but in order to do that, you must be open. And I’m fearful that the people I love will have harsh and critical judgement against me with a complete lack of an open mind. Which makes me want to shrink and hide…

Fear doesn’t sit well in our bodies. It rots. It feels yucky. It’s no way to live. In order to switch the fear, I’m trying to focus, instead, on the possibilities.

By stepping into the life, the path, the interests that truly light me up — I will be free. Exactly the way I am. Happy. Fulfilled. And by being exactly who I was meant to be, I’ll call forth the support of a community that DOES accept me exactly as I am with no exceptions. Such a better perspective right?

Don’t focus on the fear, my dear. There is power in your thoughts.


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