Creating Sacred Rituals

For years, even decades now, you’ve heard that establishing morning routines can make you happier, more productive, and reduce your stress. You’ve likely seen studies, read articles, and heard your friends rave about their 10-minute practice that has just changed their life. You set out to follow the routine they told you is foolproof, but after a week of trying, you’ve fallen back to your old habits. You begin to wonder why we can’t seem to get into a morning routine schedule that half the world follows, and if you’ll ever follow a meditation or morning workout ourselves.

What if I told you routines aren’t meant for everyone? Creating your own rituals are individual for YOU. What your sister or friend do, may not work for you. Some people are energetically designed to thrive on routine, and some people thrive on taking things day by day. Your individual needs are so unique to you, and the first step to creating a sacred ritual is tuning into your needs and what you are craving. Yes, you heard me right! You have permission to wake up and decide what your morning looks like, in the moment. Do you feel lighter already?

I personally thought I needed to create a morning and evening routine for most of my 20s. I didn’t understand why they didn’t stick, why they were always changing, and why I always ‘fell off’ my habits. It wasn’t until I understood my Human Design type, which is an amazing tool I highly recommend! I learned my arrow pointed towards a non-routine lifestyle. Learning this gave me the permission slip I needed to start checking in with myself to see what I wanted and needed in the moment, rather than planning everything out days or weeks in advance.

For those who have found a rhythm in their routines and rituals and are thriving, more power to you. May this serve as a reminder it’s okay to change your mind, take a break, or try something new! For those who are trying to find their groove, here are some ways I’ve started to fall in love with rituals that feel good in my soul and feel sacred.

Sacred rituals can look different everyday, they can happen when you first wake up, or at 1:00pm. When you choose to connect to yourself, there are no rules.

9 Rituals to Consider Starting for Yourself

  1. There are no rules. That’s rule number one. It’s about what feels good for you. What feels good? What are you craving? What tools would feel good to nourish yourself today? Close your eyes and let your intuition and gut guide you.

  2. Smoke cleanse to clear the space. Use sustainable palo santo, sage, frankincense, or your favorite incense. Clear your space to clear your mind before starting your day or to clear the energy mid day.

  3. Grab your favorite tarot or oracle card deck and pull a card to receive guidance. Meditate on the image before reading the guidebook. How does it make you feel? After reading the guidebook, journal about what came up for you.

  4. Tap into some intuitive movement or rest. Does your body want to move or rest today? Give it what it needs. Go for a walk, do some yoga, head to a class, or take a break.

  5. Drop out of your head and into your body. Meditate, visualize or breathe. Do a guided exercise or your own practice.

  6. Ask yourself how you’re feeling. Journal about what comes up and what feeling is present. Allow yourself to free-write.

  7. Set an intention for the day or evening. How do you want to feel? What action can you take to bring that into your day?

  8. What is on your mind? Take a few minutes to write down the 3 things you feel are most important to do today. Acknowledge them and then come back to another item on this list if it feels good.

  9. Spend a few moments practicing gratitude. What are you grateful for? Feel into this gratitude, then write 3 items down. If it’s a person, let them know and acknowledge them.

Rituals become sacred by the intention we put behind them. Take some time out of your day to make an intentional choice that feels good for you. Pick something that feels aligned from this list, or another tool that your soul is craving. Remember, everyday can look and feel different. That’s what makes the human experience so beautiful.

What are some of your favorite sacred rituals? Share with us below!


This piece was written and contributed by:

Alexa Sharwell

Spiritual Healer

Alexa is a Spiritual Healer and Coach. As a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Alexa will help you embrace your personal power, all while healing your mind, body, soul, and spirit from a distance. After facing a profound loss and battling with grief, Alexa was left questioning what her personal path was meant to be. While trying other various healing modalities, Alexa found Your Inner Babe, where she was able to tap into her most authentic self, find freedom from depression, and the sense of oneness she’d been longing for. Within that freedom and connection, she discovered her purpose had been her pain all along. Alexa was meant to be a healer. Her training, practices, and experiences create a safe space for you to dive deep and truly heal from the inside out.

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