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Creating a Life That Lights Up Your Soul

For the past 4 months, I’ve been closing a chapter and starting a new one. I finished my studies and took the first real steps into adulthood. While there was a sense of uncertainty, more space was being created to welcome in all the new things that would set the tone for this next chapter in my life.

I’ve always had this voice telling me that I’m meant for something drastically different and big. Marching to the beat of my own drum and paving a less walked path has been the undertone of my life and even though I still can’t see what the purpose of it is, I know it’ll reveal itself soon. This inner knowing has been my lifelong inspiration and even in the darkest of times when I felt I was veering off path, it would get me back on track.

Never in a million years did I think I was going to be living the life I’m currently living. I thought I was supposed to be a medical doctor still studying and losing sleep over something I wasn’t even really passionate about. The urge to help all sentient beings has always been prominent for me. I thought that being a doctor was the only way I could do this, but really I was just seeking external validation from my family, a god complex, and a sense of entitlement.

As I shed the identity that was never mine in the first place, I realized that the desire to help others stemmed from my innate strong sense of empathy and I know I am here to leave the Earth in a better state than when I arrived. I know fellow empaths share this same soul mission and that reality can unfold in many different ways.

I never just studied or practiced one thing. I wanted to delve deep into different subjects, teachings, and experiences. This well roundedness has left me with a wide array of healing modalities I use in my sessions with clients. I have a background in biomedicine, I’m a reiki practitioner, I work with energy, and I have strong psychic abilities. These all come together in my sessions to help others create a life that lights up their soul.

The new age spiritual community has become quite oversaturated with misinformation and misinterpretation of what it truly means to deliberately co-create with the universe. Many practitioners work from a standpoint of ego. I like to see myself as an equal with the individual I am working with. I am not better than others because I sense more, or know how to work with energy. We learn from each other and it’s a symbiotic relationship that we each benefit from.

I also think that many of these “healing” sessions disempower so many individuals. We are innately intuitive, powerful, and deliberate. Leaving our fate in the hands of others because we might think they know better is not something we should pursue.

Instead, I like to empower human beings in developing their own intuitive abilities and placing the power back in their hands. I share the tools, facilitate the awakening, and it’s all coming from within them, not me. This is why I don’t like calling my sessions ‘healings’. None of us are broken and we don’t need fixing. We just need support and light shining in from different sources to illuminate our own.

My sessions are divided into practices that work on different auric levels. I have mentorship which is pragmatic and grounded meant to help you find tangible ways to create fruitful habits and deconstruct self limiting beliefs. In these coaching sessions, we work with the mental, emotional, and physical layers of the aura.

I also perform energy work through energy chelation and deliver energy through the practice of reiki. Depending on the state of your chakras and energetic field, I will modify what layers I must work on, but I usually work intuitively with guides and galactic beings who help me work on the etheric, celestial, or spiritual layers. This is meant for those of you seeking to strengthen your connection to your higher self and spirit guides as well as optimizing chakra function for more wellbeing.

The last category of my sessions are the psychic offerings where I streamline divine guidance through channeling, freewriting, and other intuitive work. I take messages from your guides and others who are supporting you on your human experience. This is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking to receive guidance on any life aspect. It’s a way to offer support when you’re struggling to find it within yourself.

I’ve noticed there’s a recurring theme throughout all of my clients. They come to me looking for answers to so many questions and while this curiosity is beautiful, it can also enable us to place power outside of ourselves. The work I do with my clients helps us locate answers and frequencies within us that fill voids we’ve been searching external solutions for.

It’s also about realizing that our guides are always with us and are connected to all of us. It’s a matter of finding ourselves to strengthen that connection. There’s so much empowerment that comes through my work with others. There’s a new perspective that’s born that helps my clients understand everything they’re searching for can be found internally.

I am not here to ‘heal’ you because you’re not broken. I am here to offer support and guidance when you feel called to take aligned action and make a change in your life. My mission is to help you get closer to who you truly are, and that’s a being with an innate ability to create a life that lights up your soul.


This piece was written and contributed by:

Emily Volovitz

Intuitive Reiki Master and Coach

Emily Volovitz is a reiki master, intuitive guide, life mentor, and energy worker. Having gone through body image issues, and family/childhood trauma, she found that there wasn’t a unique space to hone it all in. She created a space where individuals can connect with every part of themselves.

She was born and raised in Miami, FL with a Colombian background. At 18, she moved to London and later to Amsterdam where she currently resides.

Emily's mission is to help individuals get closer to who they truly are, combining all the various methods that have helped her find her own alignment, in order to assist and propel the collective into a space of greater love and light. Tough life experiences disconnect human beings from their natural state of being, one that is aligned and vivacious. She believes that it is not a matter of healing, but a matter of getting closer to our essence.

Instagram: @emilyvolovitz \. Tik Tok: @emilyvolovitz

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