Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Create the Life You Desire

We all have the ability to live our dreams. We must simply ask, believe, and respond with appropriate action. When you’re positioning yourself to be aligned with your desired dream or outcome, it can admittedly feel like a chore to get enough rest, stay healthy, keep up with your personal hygiene and self-care. It can be easy to go into a slump where going to the gym, eating your vegetables, meditating, or changing out of you pajamas just doesn’t seem appetizing. And if you’re dealing with chronic illness, autoimmune disease, or any long-term symptoms, it can be tempting to let your normal routines fall to the wayside in exchange for something that feels easier.

If you’re currently dealing w that a deeper awareness of our desires is the first step to change. When you practice awareness, you have the capacity to choose. When you become fully aware of how you think and react in life's situations, you do not react mindlessly or automatically. You can consciously control what was once unconscious, and become a better, truer version of ourselves.

I am also a big believer in finding motivation by focusing on the dream, desire, or goal you are moving towards.

At this point, I maintain my healthy practices (most of the time) because I know that my health supports me in experiencing the kind of life that I want to live. I want to have good energy, be able to focus and do meaningful, enlightening work, feel comfortable and happy in my body, as well as be able to connect with others and have fun while having a positive impact on the world around me. I want to sail as smoothly as possible through life, and I want to stay healthy and active far into the future too.

In short, I want to live it up for as long as I can while having nothing stopping me from having the life of my dreams.

Decide What You Want Out of Life

One of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is they haven’t decided what they want. They haven’t defined their desires in clear and compelling detail.

For instance, what does freedom, expansion and joy look like to you? Not everybody’s definition is the same, nor should it be.

I regularly remind my clients that a deeper awareness of your desires is the first step to change. Because when you practice awareness, you have the capacity to choose. When you become fully aware of how you think and react in life's situations, you do not react mindlessly or automatically. You can consciously control what was once unconscious, and become a better, truer version of yourself.

When you take the time to meditate regularly, you connect in and increase the awareness of your desires and the intentions you send out into the world. You can observe your patterns of behavior that may be inhibiting, shutting you down, or limiting you from what you truly desire without judgement.

It is also through your connection to the divine that your greater inner awakening and deeper awareness is found—as meditation is at the root of all personal transformation. In addition, your spiritual enlightenment accelerates your ability to learn how to consciously ask for something more, or different, simply because your deep knowing tells you that you are deeply loved, supported and worthy of asking. Through your connection with the divine, you can recognize that you have the opportunity to consciously create anything within this 3rd dimensional world, as the powerful and infinite creator that you are.

Start to Envision that Your Life is Already How You Want it to Be

Most people don't always fully realize that you have the ability to co-create your life with the universe. So many of us are taught to accept what you are given and not even to dream of anything more. But our hopes and dreams are the universe whispering to us, planting an idea of what's possible while directing us toward the best use of your gifts. The universe truly wants to give you your heart's desires, but you need to be clear about what those desires are, and actually ask for them.

To ask for something does not mean to beg or plead from a place of lack or unworthiness. It's like placing an order—you don't need to beg the salesperson for what you want or prove to them that you deserve to have it. It is their job to give you what you ask for; you only have to tell them what you want. Once you have a clear vision of what you desire, you simply step into the silent realm where all possibilities exist and let your desires be known. Whatever methods you use to become still, it is important that you find the quiet space between your thoughts.

From that still and quiet place, you can announce your intentions to the pure energy of creation. By imagining all the details from every angle, including scent, color, and how it would feel to have it, we design our dreams to our specifications. Similar to dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripples created by our thoughts travel quickly from this place of stillness, echoing out into the world to align and orchestrate all the necessary details to bring your desires into manifestation. Before leaving this wonderful space to come back to the world, release any attachment to the outcome and express gratitude. By doing this daily, you focus your thoughts and your energy while regularly mingling with the essence that makes it possible to build the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to live the life you deserve? From material abundance to the abundance of love, you can attract everything you desire.

Become Goal-Oriented

As soon as you commit to a big dream and really go after it, your subconscious creative mind will come up with big ideas to make it happen.

You’ll start attracting the people, resources, and opportunities you need into your life to make your dream come true. Big dreams not only inspire you, but they also compel others to want to play big, too.

Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work day and night to achieve it. To engage your subconscious mind, a goal has to be measurable.

Long-term goals refer to those dreams you hold in your heart. They begin as aspirations and whispers of hope, but they become real when you decide to take action. Long-term goals can relate to your career, like starting a business or changing your profession. You may seek out financial goals like buying a house or paying for your child’s education. Perhaps you have personal aspirations in mind like traveling the world or becoming a mentor. They may seem out of reach at first, but with time, effort, and planning, we can achieve them. Break down long-term goals into tangible, baby steps: You need to know what specific steps to take each day, week, and month to achieve your goals.

Let Go of Your Past

Much of the struggle you experience in life situations comes from the limited way you are focusing on them. It is your current viewpoint from your past experiences, rather than any other factor, that gives you the illusion that a problem is insurmountable.

So it is with life situations, which are ill-defined and can have multiple meanings depending on your perspective. Two people may suffer from the same circumstance—the loss of a job or illness—yet one sees it as a challenge, whereas the other sees it as the end of his or her world and can never move on. See the difference?

Release Your Fears

Don't let your fear get in the way just because you're not sure what change will bring, and don't be complacent because you're comfortable with your life—even though you know you can do better. When you choose to create the life you want, it means letting go of what no longer serves you—toxic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, unhealthy lifestyles.

When change happens, it can seem like the end of a chapter in a book. As you enter into a new chapter, the transition often feels confusing, uncertain, or even scary. It takes time to find your way. You have to learn how to build resilience to stay strong during these difficult times. Knowing how to manage this middle period will help you navigate through a confusing transition.

If you feel like you've been having these thoughts lately and you're not really sure how to take the next steps to better your life, please reach out to a friend, family member, therapist, life coach, or anyone else who may be supportive of you.


This piece was written and contributed by:

Andrea Firpo

Soul Liberation & Embodiment Guide

Andrea Firpo is a Psychic Cheerleader who is focused on soul liberation and embodiment. Combining her psychic and intuitive abilities with her educational background of trauma psychology, she connects women to their own inner wisdom and self-love. By bringing awareness in the body, mind, and spirit around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma, Andrea identifies underlying patterns that undermine her clients’ self-worth. Through simple yet powerful healing tools, Andrea empowers her clients to achieve energetic balance through healthy boundaries, promoting incredible paradigm shifts in their lives.

Andrea is also an author who has contributed to the anthologies, Dreamweavers, Ceremonies, and the recent #1 Amazon International Bestseller, The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women. As a show host and producer, she highlights the stories and lessons of remarkable women overcoming traumatic events in her podcast, "Brilliance through Resilience." She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon and works with clients internationally.

@psychiccheerleader |


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