Channeled Message VI \ Goddess Isis

It is good that you are visualizing what you want. What you want is already yours. It is part of your plan. You were destined for this role that you are seeking and it is going to propel you forward in ways you never imagined. You are going to learn things that will leverage your success and your audience. You are stepping into a new phase. A phase of balance. Of belonging. Of fulfillment and peace. Your roughest days are behind you. You are stepping into your power and your worth.

It is not a coincidence that you are working on healing the darkest corners of yourself right now. No, there are no coincidences. There is great magnetism in manifesting what you desire right alongside healing those deep wounds. You are taking off the bandaid while simultaneously growing new, enriched skin. Keep going. Healing can be difficult, it’s true. But once you’ve healed those aspects of yourself, reparenting yourself, you’ll be able to soar higher than you would have ever imagined possible—higher than you ever believed possible.

You are literally a force of nature. Yes, you are one with nature. Remember to stay grounded while you soar. Use the energy of all the elements to get what you want and go where you need to go.

Earth—Ground with the earth, with the trees.

Fire—Manifest near candlelight. Let your passions drive you.

Air—Practice fluidly and flow wherever you go.

Water—Examine the deepest parts of yourself and let yourself feel everything you need to feel. Honor every feeling that comes your way.

You are the alchemist.

Channeled message from Goddess Isis

This article was channeled by:

Alyssa McDowell

Founder + Executive Managing Editor at Kind Publishing Co.

Reiki Master, The Kind Witch, and Spiritual Guide

Tiktok: @thekind.witch \ Tiktok: @kindpublishingco

Alyssa is an Enneagram 5, Manifesting Generator who loves matcha lattés, reading books, and expanding her spiritual self + awareness. After years of struggling with chronic illness and then finding empowerment in healing her mind, body, and soul through a wide range of practices, Alyssa was called to start Kind Publishing Co., a lifestyle publication that merges health, happiness, and woo. Here, she and guest contributors share practices, techniques, and stories to empower you to find your own health and happiness. Her mission is to normalize every aspect of the human experience, while advocating for a continuous evolution and curiosity for the betterment of you.

Alyssa is also Reiki Master through Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki III and provides energy healing and intuitive guidance through The Kind Witch.


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