Channeled Message \ Goddess Isis 2021.05.30

You've been working through some very hard things—and we are so proud that you've stepped up and moved forward and found solution in anyway you can. You are not meant to feel this way forever. No, I know it has not been the easiest time for you...but you are learning so much. Breaking through barriers that could not have been broken with such clarity in any other way.

You are not meant to fit in a mold. You do not need to look at what she is doing and do that just because she is successful. There are so many ways to the path of success—and the abundance you are looking for.

Tune inward. All the answers, step-by-step, can be found within.

Not sure what to do next? Go inward. Not sure if you should take something on? Go inward. Not sure how to achieve this thing? Go inward.

All you need...the only one you need to pay attention to is you. There are more answers inside you than you think. And if you follow that guidance, success and abundance will ease in naturally. They are already yours. It is your destiny.

This is a channeled message from Goddess Isis, channeled by Alyssa McDowell—The Kind Witch.

With all intuitive messages, advise, channeled messages, or similar always practice discernment. Take what resonates with love and leave what doesn't.

sibyl by Kpco

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