Channeled Message \ Goddess Isis 2021.03.10

Everywhere you go is meant for you.

There is no good or bad. Only purpose and soul lessons.

If something you are going through currently seems bad, hard, or difficult, zoom out.

What lessons are you learning—either about yourself or others? How is it making you stronger?

Take yourself out of the current situation and imagine you have made it through. You are now in the light. Examine how the experience shaped you? How are you different? How will you choose to move forward because of that experience?

We are all on our own journeys learning valuable lessons our soul and our greater purposes need to bring us to the light. Do not get lost in the dark, for if you look deep enough, light is always there.

This is a channeled message from Goddess Isis, channeled by Alyssa McDowell—The Kind Witch.

With all intuitive messages, advise, channeled messages, or similar always practice discernment. Take what resonates with love and leave what doesn't.

sibyl by Kpco

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