Channeled Message \ Goddess Isis 2021.02.25

What is it you are looking for?

Is it home? Is it safety, love, family?

You have everything you need if you first ask and then trust. The Universe wants to deliver, but first it needs to know you are ready and willing to receive. Your subconscious fear is holding you back.

Let it go.

Every moment is just a moment and every season eventually comes to an end as a new one approaches.

Lean into your rest. Nurture yourself. It is not a race. While you allow for the rest you need, we are still working with you and aiding you.

There must be a balance in all things. The masculine, the feminine. The work, the rest. Both are sacred. Both have their purpose. Allow yourself to rest, so you can align yourself to the path you are seeking. We can feel you leaning into trust. Now it's time to completely surrender.

We'll take it from here.

This is a channeled message from Goddess Isis, channeled by Alyssa McDowell—The Kind Witch.

With all intuitive messages, advise, channeled messages, or similar always practice discernment. Take what resonates with love and leave what doesn't.

sibyl by Kpco

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