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Welcome to The Kind Witch Podcast where we helped the modern intuitive connect to their body, authentic self, the aether, and beyond. I'm your host Alyssa McDowell, The Kind Witch, Reiki Master and Founder of Kind Publishing Co. I'm so grateful you are here. If you like this episode, please be sure to subscribe to The Kind Witch Podcast, or share it with a friend. Let's go.

Hello and welcome to the very first episode of The Kind Witch Podcast! I am surprised that I am here probably just as much, if not more, than you are. Probably about a year ago, I was meditating around my business, Kind Publishing Co and The Kind Witch, and I was like what do I need to do to further where I want to go that can help me reach the people that I want to reach? Because I was getting really burnt out with social media content creation. And they [my guides] swooped in and told me that a podcast was the answer—that it was something that I should pursue. And this shocked the hell out of me. If you know me personally, you know that I am not a big talker. I am not a great socializer. I'm very introverted and I am very solitary. I really like being in my own bubble…and so when my guides told me that a podcast was the answer, I was like, “What? Are you sure? Like, is there something else we can do? Can we, like… can we not?” And it has been something that has been on the forefront of my mind for a really long time.

I spent a few months trying to figure out how to make it happen. How to create it without burning myself out. How to create a quality podcast without a team, because it's just me and learning all the programs that I needed to learn. And now a year later, here we are. I'm very excited and flabbergasted to be here at the same time. I'm so honored that you chose to click on this podcast and listen. We're going to be sharing a lot about spirituality, about soul-focused transformation, what it means to truly step into who you are, not only right now, but who you want to be—who your soul is calling you to be. And doing that through a wide variety of practices that are spiritually and holistic-wellness based. And to kick tus off, this episode is going to be kind of like my origin story, and how my start and the roots of my life—starting with chronic illness—helped me grow my psychic and intuitive abilities.

First, my name is Alyssa McDowell. I go by The Kind Witch. I'm a Holy Fire Reiki level 3 Master (soon-to-be a Karuna Master) and the founder of Kind Publishing Co., where myself and other experts in the field advocate and help you find holistic wellness that is rooted in the exploration and development of your personalized spiritual practice. Our focus is on soul-focused transformation—from energy work to self love, attachment styles, hypnosis, and tarot, we cover it all. I am a Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, and Leo Rising in astrology, if that's your thing. In human design I'm a Manifesting Generator, which I'm sure will quickly become apparent once we get to know each other. If you don't know, Manifesting Generators like to do many different things, and they change courses often—and if I can subscribe to anything, I definitely subscribe to that. I got my start as an adult working as a graphic designer, first creating wedding letterpress wedding stationery, and then I transitioned to illustration and infographic design work, and more recently, I've done creative management and strategy. However, my love and passion is 100% in the healing space, prominently in anything that deals with spirituality and the metaphysical because my journey myself has been so profound and I want to help you find that journey as well—help you find yourself, help you find the person that you want to be and you know you can be.

I have always been intuitive by nature, but I didn't always know that that's what it was— clairsentience or “clear feeling” being my strongest right out of the gate. I have always been extremely empathic and sensitive to the energies around me, or the content, or movies, or music that I’m consuming. So when I learned about psychic abilities and I learned about clairsentience, everything was like, oh my God, this makes so much sense. I grew up talking to the stars and the dandelions, which at face value seems pretty strange, but once you start diving into spiritual and energy awareness, now I'm like, oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense that I did that.

So my story is long and complicated, especially when we get down to the nitty-gritty of my health—or lack of. I always used to start my story by stating, “I've been sick my entire life,” but now after all the work and dedication (and desperation) I’ve put into my healing, I can lovingly say that that's no longer the case—but we'll get there later. So my stomach and digestion started to show abnormalities and pain when I was just two-years-old. And that went on my entire childhood and my entire young adulthood and I really didn't get a handle on it until my early-thirties. That's a long time to be suffering with pain and illness. On top of that, people knew I didn't feel good. I told people all the time growing up; in school, my teachers, the school nurse, and my parents. Everybody knew I didn't feel good. They knew my stomach hurt. They would take me to the doctor and the doctors would just be like, “Oh, you're constipated. Just eat these fiber wafers and you'll be fine.” And then those didn't really seem to help and I would still complain of the pain and then all of a sudden everybody just thought I was crying wolf. I got to about the fourth grade and people started not believing me anymore. I was still having stomach aches on the daily, very often where I didn't want to move, my stomach was bloated, I didn't want to eat anything, but we lived in a household where you ate the entire plate that you are given…and if you didn't, you were in trouble.

Anyway, we’re going to backtrack. We're going to kind of set the scene a bit here. So, I started getting sick at two and this was really around the time…ah, this is really just hitting me right now… It was around the same time that my mother got remarried and we moved in with her new husband. My parents divorced when I was around 18-months and my mom got married soon after to my stepfather. And I lived with my mom and my stepfather my entire life. To get a little bit into my shadows, this situation that I lived in wasn't the most healthy for me. I felt extremely secluded and alone—which is the same thing as secluded, but…I didn't have anyone that I could turn to because I did not have a good relationship with my stepfather. My stepfather is someone who ran the house entirely. It was his way or the highway, and if you didn't agree with him, then you would suffer the consequences. I'm not going to get too detailed with the specifics on that…but I grew up with three other siblings in the home. I had three other siblings from my biological-father outside the home, but because the relationship with my stepfather and myself was so strained, it kind of set a precedence, especially when I was in high school, about how my other siblings should treat me. And they learned to treat me the way my stepfather did. Telling me that what I liked was stupid, that spending my time reading books was a waste of time and I shouldn't be doing it. What they didn't understand was that I was reading to escape. I was reading to immerse myself in a world that I loved, but this environment was really conducive to digestion issues.

If you look into how our mindset works, alongside how our body functions, I've learned now that a lot of the health issues that I took on—my stomach and my thyroid, will get much of that—but was due because of the suppression that I took on as a child. And so as a child, I felt that everything I liked was stupid, it was not worth my time, it was not worth my effort to speak about how I felt or what I wanted, because I knew it was going to be shut down. If I wasn't going to be shut down, I was going to be made fun of, and so I really learned how to keep my thoughts to myself to keep my words to myself and just stay silent.

And so, I spent my entire childhood with stomach pain and no one could tell me or my mother why. I would be forced to take laxatives and I would cry through them. I would be forced to finish my meals even though I physically felt like I could not fit any more food in my body. I remember that I used to hide food in the pockets of my pants, because I physically could not fit anything else in my stomach. And when the meal was over, I would quietly and discreetly find a garbage to put them in to, because I just could not fit anything else in my body. I know I'm repeating myself, but the pain that I felt when I was eating was excruciating. Later, this really set the course for unhealthy eating habits in the future, because I learned to just eat as little as possible to keep my body moving and that was it, because food caused me so much pain. And this is my norm.

I spent the early childhood years going in and out of pediatrician offices, but again, no one really had any answers. They were just like, “Eat some fiber wafers. Eat some Frosted Mini-Wheats® and you'll be fine,” and it was never fine. Nothing ever got better. Nothing ever changed. In high school, I was in dance and one day I was dancing and all the sudden I couldn't breathe. This, of course, had never happened before. I had never had a history of asthma in my life, but it was apparent, according to my pediatrician, that what I was experiencing was exercise-induced asthma. But it was so bad that I had to quit dance. And our high school was actually two stories, and in the center of the building to where all the lockers were, we had to go up this really large flight of steps—it was probably 40 to 50 stairs. I remember not being able to get up to the top without stopping, because I was so out of breath from the exertion of it. And while I had an inhaler, it never really seemed to work. Eventually I got changed to a steroid inhaler, which was hella expensive. I think I remember my mom paying about $280 a month for the inhaler. But again, it kind of managed my symptoms, I could kind of get by…but could I dance again? No. Could I go on a hike? Absolutely not. And that, just became my normal. Mind you, at this point, I'm still dealing with my “normal” stomach issues that I've been dealing with my entire life. I just kind of took it as that's just how it is. And that was that. Like I just thought that's how I was going to live. I was resigned to it. It was fine because I didn't know answers were available.

Fast forward to 2009. In the spring I was 20-years-old and all of a sudden my asthma started working its way up again. It was really revamping. I wasn't doing anything different, but it seemed to be a problem. I wasn't living in my hometown anymore, I had moved to the big city in our area, the Midwest. So I researched a pulmonologist who specializes in the lungs, who could help me. And I did a series of tests and actually my lung health seemed to be perfectly fine. And he suggested that I see a GI doctor, because he was assuming that my shortness of breath actually wasn't in my lungs at all, and it might be something deeper literally in my body. So, I went to the doctor he referred me to, a GI specialist, did a number of tests over a number of weeks, and I got a phone call and was blasted with three diagnoses at once.

So, the first: it was apparent that I had Straight Back Syndrome, which isn't too much to worry about. I was told that it might hinder me as I get olde, but for now it's just kind of like a skeletal deformity, if you will. Next I was told that I have Celiac Disease, which means that I am intolerant to gluten and intolerant to all those fiber wafers and Frosted Mini-Wheats® I was prescribed my entire childhood. So, no wonder why it didn't work, right? And lastly, I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis, which is a condition where your stomach doesn't digest as easily or the way that it's supposed to. Now, I had a milder version of Gastroparesis but it explains a lot why all food in general, just didn't agree with me. Never mind that my villa in my intestine was completely destroyed because of the underlying and uncared for Celiac Disease. Oh—and I forgot one. So there's four. I was also diagnosed with GERD, which is basically chronic acid reflux, which was causing my shortness of breath. So I was immediately put on PPIs for the acid reflux, which is a pretty strong drug, (that now I know you shouldn't be on long-term) and was also told to go on a gluten-free diet.

When I got this diagnosis, or these diagnoses, I was scared, yes, but I was also really elated, because I got to tell everybody that hurt me, in my childhood—everyone that didn't believe me—that I was right and that they were wrong…and that they forced me to be in pain day after day after day after day. And it really boosted my ego—is what I did—because I could tell them I told you so. So I go on the gluten-free diet and I fucking hate it. I cried and cried and cried and cried. My fiancé at the time was like, “It’s just food! Just deal with it. You're going to be fine. This is just the way life is now.” And it took me about six months of depression and crying to finally be resigned to my new normal. I previously ate bread all the time, it was my favorite food—I'm not even kidding. When I was a kid, I would sneak spoonfuls of straight dry flour because I thought it was delicious…but bread and wheat was my absolute favorite. It was my safety mechanism. It was my comfort food, and to have that completely wiped away from me in an instant, really broke my heart. Was I feeling better? Absolutely. If I, and I didn't do this very often (In fact, I think I did it once), but if I would go back and have a meal that had gluten in it, I would immediately get sick and run to the bathroom—and I would be in excruciating pain for at least 24-hours, I would have brain fog for a week, just to name a few of the symptoms. But it was not something that I could compromise on anymore, because the effects of gluten tore me up so badly.

At this point, my symptoms had never been better, once I got the diet locked down. I could eat more than ever. Was I eating a lot? No. Was that eating healthy? No. But I was certainly doing better than I was before. And then fast forward to 2012, my husband and I got pregnant with our first pregnancy. At 11-weeks, I went to my first ultrasound appointment excited, elated, I couldn't wait to tell my husband all about what I saw. But at the ultrasound the doctor told me that the baby wasn't alive anymore. And in fact, the baby died several weeks ago and it was just still living in my uterus and had not aborted itself yet. This occurrence led to the investigation of why. Why did my baby die? Because everyone thought I was healthy. At this point, I didn't know that miscarriages occur in at least 25% of all pregnancies, but I still wanted answers. My doctor wanted answers too, so to be safe, she took some blood. We did a bunch of tests and we found out that I had Hypothyroid Disease. So my thyroid wasn't producing the hormones that it needed to.—it's a little slower than it should be. So I went on some medication for my Hypothyroid Disease and went on my way. The next year we had a healthy baby boy, no complications. And then a couple years later, we had two more miscarriages…this time there really wasn't an answer for me, no one was really curious why, before we had our second healthy baby—a girl, this time. But after my daughter was born my health started tanking fast.

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I had chronic fatigue. I had zero energy. I had zero strength left in my muscles and I was in pain daily. The pain in my arms was so bad and my arms were so inflamed that I came to the point where I couldn't even bend my arm anymore. I struggled bending my fingers. I could not hold a pen anymore. I couldn't cook anything on the stove, because I had to hold a spoon, and I couldn't hold a spoon. I remember, just like laying stick-straight in my bed, silently screaming, because actually screaming would be too much energy, because I was in so much pain. My husband would set up ice baths in the sink for me to plunge my arms into, because I needed a break from the pain that I was feeling. Did Ice baths hurt? Yes, but I needed something different, because it was so excruciating…

I went from doctor, to doctor, to doctor, to doctor, to figure out why my arms were like this. I had a suspicion that it was my thyroid. Was this based on anything? No, but that was what my intuition was telling me. And every doctor I was seeing was like, “No, is not your thyroid. Your thyroid levels are fine.” “Let's go to a rheumatologist.” The rheumatologist was like, “No, you're fine, maybe you need physical therapy”, and I was like, no, this is not it, this is not it.

And so, I was talking to people in my community about my disappointment with the western-medicine and I was like, “I need a different doctor who can help me.” Like I could not function at this point. I was crying all the time. I could barely work. I couldn't take care of my children…And I found a functional medicine practitioner who specializes with the thyroid and women. I had to wait 6-months to see this woman, because she was so desired in this area—because she was needed. I went to the appointment and I told her about my symptoms. And at this point, I had seen so many doctors, I had my symptoms listed by the day for two- or three-months. I listed everything that happened because at this point, it was so in-depth, there's no way I could store all of that in my brain, and I need a proof to show to the doctors because, again, I was in the cycle of no one believed in me—even though I could not function. I was a fucking mess.

And so, I brought my paper to this functional medicine practitioner, and I was telling her about it, she was reading it through and she was like, “can I see your lab results from your past doctors?” [Meaning] the bundle of doctors that I had seen previously, who said I was fine. And I was like, “Yeah, that's fine.” And so, I pulled up my lab results electronically from those visits—and from their lab work, she goes, “Oh, you have Hashimoto's disease. It's right here.” My breath stopped. I was like, are you kidding me? Like the answer was there all along and five people didn't see it. Why did they fucking see it? Why have I been suffering for all these months? And she found it on their work. Now, yes, she did confirm with her own s, just to be sure, since time had gone by, but her prognosis was correct. I had Hashimoto's disease—which is an autoimmune disease that affects your thyroid. And she told me that I needed to cut sugar, and I needed to cut dairy and I needed to cut grains—all grains. And I was like, that sounds so simple! Like I've done this before. I’ve cut gluten, I can do this! Not really thinking about how that would affect my daily life. I was just so excited to have answers and…a future, really. I was so excited that I wasn't wrong again. It was indeed my thyroid, and I had treatment.

Immediately, from this appointment, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up several books on thyroid health, specifically, thyroid health that is based on holistic medicine and functional medicine, and gut health, particularly—because I learned that the source of a lot of autoimmune conditions starts with an unhealthy gut. And so I went on a paleo diet immediately. It was very hard. I went from paleo, to not paleo, to paleo, not paleo, to paleo—with my perfectionist mindset I really beat myself up for not being able to stick to it. But all my comfort foods, again, we're being taken away from me and I didn't have any coping mechanism to help me through that.

And so, I struggled for about a year—and now it's 2018. I've been trying the paleo thing for about a year. I'm still not doing great. Am I doing better? Absolutely. My brain fog has completely wiped out. It felt like I had window wipers on my brain and they were finally working and they were cleaning the surface, and I could see clearly. So I was doing so much better. I wasn't in pain anymore. I could use my arms. I could function, but something was still off. I didn't have great energy levels. I was still really bloated. My stomach still hurt most days. Could I work through it? Absolutely. It was nothing like what I was used to growing up, so I could push through, but I knew it wasn't quite normal yet.

And so I found another functional medicine practitioner who could help me. And we did some more tests…lo and behold, yes, I have a new diagnosis—which is SIBO. SIBO is a bacterial overgrowth that happens in your intestine. And this is what was causing me to be so incredibly bloated—and was painful, really. I was put on a temporary SIBO diet—it's low carb—I think for 2 months to help heal that. and I could not believe the results. I had to have had SIBO my entire life because suddenly, like, one day, I was like, “oh! My stomach doesn't hurt while I'm eating!” “Oh, that wasn't me feeling full. That was me feeling pain!” Like I thought that full equated to pain…I never quite understood why people didn't stop eating when they were full, why they kept pushing through, because it was a good meal—and it was because full doesn't equate to pain. But for me, I wasn't ever getting full, I was just getting pain. That was mind-boggling to me, to finally be able to eat a meal without feeling pain. It was incredible.

So we heal the SIBO. I'm back on a paleo diet. At this point, I am reading everything there is to read at the library regarding functional medicine, gut health, holistic health, autoimmune disease—everything available at the library, I read it and consumed it. Slowly, I started gravitating towards books that were a little bit more metaphysical, by accident, that were a little bit more focused on mindset and how your mindset can affect your physical health.

The first, most profound book that I got was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This book completely changed my life. It changed my world. It opened me up to my spirituality and my own power. So in this book, she talks about how your mindset, how you talk to yourself, how you're limiting beliefs can affect, how they can affect the function of your body. And it was through reading her words that I realized that I thought I needed to be sick in order to feel loved. And it took me a minute to digest this at first. I wanted to deny that this was the case, but I could not escape it. I thought I needed to prove that I was sick in order to be worthy of love. And this was so true because after my first set of diagnoses I could tell people, “Ha! I am right! You were wrong! I was sick that entire time. You didn't love me that entire time I was sick, but now that I can prove that I'm sick, you have to love me. You have to!”

And so, when people would ask how I was, I noticed that I would never admit that I was good. I would always play it down. Oh, I'm okay. Or, it was kind of a rough day yesterday. I'm not sure…I would never admit that I was good, because if I did that, I thought they weren't going to show me love. Which, of course, in hindsight…no wonder why I kept manifesting all these diagnoses after all these years. Again, we have Straight Back Syndrome, we have Gastroparesis, Celiac Disease, GERD, Hypothyroid Disease, Hashimoto's Disease, and SIBO. That’s a lot.

With this book and with this discovery that I thought I needed to be sick in order to be loved— acknowledging it was the first step to my healing…my true healing. I slowly tackled this overtime with patience and compassion towards myself and was able to rewrite that story. I no longer allowed myself to dumb down how I felt. If I felt good, I would admit it. I would coach myself through, “No, people do love you. You do not need to be sick to be loved.” And this introduced me ,eventually, to being open to receiving reiki—and oh my gosh, reiki changed my entire life! I will never stop talking about the amazingness of Reiki.

I first received reiki virtually from a practitioner and I immediately knew that I needed to do that for myself. A couple months later, I saw a class was being hosted for level one and I immediately signed up for [reiki] level one. That day on—training day—the teacher was like, “I think someone wants to join me for level two tomorrow. Who is it?” And I was like, “Ah, that is me. Sign me up!” And I signed up immediately…and I have just been running forward ever since.

That was a very long-winded story to get to how my health, or lack of, helped me grow or at least tune into my psychic abilities. And so with my health struggles, especially since no one believed me, I had to get really good at listening to my body. At listening when my body said, “No more.” To listening when my body said, “You need to rest.” To listening to my body when it could not take anymore—whether that's food, whether that’s a person, or an activity. In fact, I got so good at listening to my body that I can help my doctors fine-tune my dosage of my progesterone cream [prescription]. So progesterone is just a hormone that women need, especially in the luteal phase of their period—so the ending phase of the period. Prescribing a dose for this, at least for me because I'm so sensitive, was a little tricky because it's not like a pill where you take one pill for the day and you're good for the day, and you need another one tomorrow. The progesterone kind of builds up in your body and stores it and then uses it as it needs to. And so I can tell by the day when I'm using my progesterone cream, if I took too much the day or the day or two before. So if I'm taking too much, I start to get hot flashes or I'm not sleeping as well, or I start to feel like I'm pregnant and I have to pee all the time. If I'm taking too little again, I'm not sleeping very much, but I'm getting really cold or I'm not hungry and I don't have an appetite anymore or my sex drive is gone. And I was talking to someone, a medical professional, about this and she goes, you know, not everyone has the ability to pay attention to their body the way that you do. Like, that's a really amazing thing that you have. But it stemmed from needing to. It stems from no one listening to me. Doctors didn't listen to me. And I needed to be the advocate, and the… I don't know, the captain that drives the sails—that's a terrible analogy—but I needed to be the person in charge of what was happening with my body.

Then as I started exploring my psychic abilities more. I realize that my body has been talking to me my entire life—health issues aside. My strongest ability is clairsentience, which is psychic clear feeling. And so I feel everything strongly within my body. This explained why I could not stand to watch horror movies, because I could not shake the feeling that it was happening to me. Like I could feel the terror that the actor was portraying in my body and I could not shake it afterwards. I would always tell people that I couldn't watch them, because it felt like it was happening to me. Which is pretty textbook clairsentience. I also had this habit of taking on activities or hobbies that other people were really passionate about, because, for example, I would see people painting and then be like, “I need to paint! That's my calling!” Like I must have seen this because I'm supposed to do this too. Or I would be around photographers, because I worked at a studio for a while, and I was convinced that I needed to be a photographer, alongside with them. I could be just as good as they were. But when I would do these things, it always kind of fell flat. And I didn't really have fun doing it. But some part of me still felt that I needed to. And that was my clairsentience, because I was soaking in their passion for it, they're drive for it, their need for it, and was confusing it for my own.

And so this clairsentience, really paved the way for me to be my own advocate about my body, about my health, and later my connection to my psychic abilities—my connection to the divine. Because I had spent my entire life listening to my body, suddenly, it became really easy when I was trying to do anything spiritual, because I could connect to that space so easily, so frequently— because I had been doing it my entire life. And so when I started working with spirit guides, I found it really easy to feel when an energy was in the room, because I could pick up on the subtleties of what was happening. I could pick up on the subtleties of which way the energy was swaying. How is it moving? Was it going up and down? Was it rotating? Was it kind of small or was it loud? Was it big? Even though I couldn't hear anything, I could feel it. Clairsentience is also connected to like gut feelings, and so if you know something is wrong, that is your clairsentience. And so just acknowledging that within the spiritual space, whatever you're doing when you're working with your higher self, with the divine, acknowledging what you have, in this case, clairsentience is what allows it to grow.

So if you've ever had any health struggles, a long health history, like myself, I encourage you to sit with the idea of when did your body tell you that something was off? Or even outside of health issues, has your body ever told you that anything was off? Maybe there was an unsafe situation that you were in; or a party that you were at, or an individual that you were spending time with that maybe you shouldn't have, or maybe you were making choices that weren't for your highest and best. Did your body send any signals to you that was telling you that you needed to reroute?

I’ve refined my clairsentience quite a bit at this point. So much, the point where I can get a yes or no from my body alone. So I can ask a question and if I lean forward, if I can feel my energy shift for just the tiniest bit—that doesn't mean that my body is moving physically. It could, if it's a really strong yes. But it's just like the subtle hint of a pulling forward, kind of in my sacral,—I am a sacral authority as well, in human design—but if it's a yes, I will feel my body pull forward. Just like the slightest pressure. And if it's a, no, I can feel it pull back. And it's about tuning in to the subtleties of your senses. That is where the magic happens. And anyone can have access to this. I'm not special. I have just spent years honing and crafting, especially my clairsentience, whether I knew it or not. And when you can do it consciously, that’s where the magic happens, literally.

And so, you want to grow your psychic abilities. The first step that you need to do is listen. What is your body telling you? Or maybe you're hearing something. Maybe you’re clairaudient. It could be your hearing messages in music. That could be messages in dreams even. Or maybe you are more visual and you're seeing messages. Maybe you're seeing angel numbers and you can start to fine-tune what the angel numbers mean to you. Maybe you're seeing animals that have spiritual meanings for you. Maybe you're physically seeing spirit guides. Or hearing communication within your head that might sound like you but feels not you—that's the confusing one. But maybe you're getting guidance inside your head from source.

The first thing that you need to do is listen. And then act on whatever you listened to. As long as it's right for you, you do need to practice discernment for sure, but you have to tune into your body and how it feels for you. You’ll have to tune in to see if it feels authentic to you and you'll have to learn to shut off the fear and the anxieties and the people-pleasing in order to get to alignment. But you can't get to alignment until you start listening. It's the listening and then the action.

I hope you enjoyed this very first episode of The Kind Witch Podcast! Stay tuned for more, where we'll dive into psychic abilities, spirits, deity work, energy work, all the things. Until then you can follow me on TikTok at @thekind.witch where I talk about all those things and more—and you get to know me a little bit more personally there as well. Until next time.


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