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Consciousness Facilitator at Mystic Rose Medicine

Instagram: @mystic.rose.medicine

Emily Rose Wheeler is a healing facilitator who works with folks to over come limiting beliefs as they deconstruct false narratives, and empower self-compassion. She believes that healing takes place on all levels, physical, emotional, & spiritual, creating an all-inclusive holistic approach that generates balance within the whole human experience. Those who feel called to work with her have usually fallen through the cracks of the system & require nourishing validation as they heal subconscious wounds that have taken up space for far too long.

Her mission is to assist others in finding their pleasure, pursue their passion, discover their values & honoring their relationships. As they cultivate love & compassion within themselves, they step into their true nature of being.

When she isn’t working with clients, Emily is reading books on child psychology, energy healing, neuroplasticity, trauma, & epigenetics. When she’s not reading, she is painting or creating something with her hands. The soothing & unfamiliar prediction of what her art will turn into  allows her to be comfortable with mistakes & embrace what she has made, even if it turns out different than anticipated.

Emily's Contributions

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